Stourbridge Stumble – 11 August 2012

Rachel Partridge reports: Scott and I decided a few months ago to race the Saturday evening Stourbridge Stumble 10k multi terrain. The last time we ran this race was in 2007, so we did wonder how we would compare in times.

There was a good turn out, from Clubs and unattached runners, from fast to steady runners, which was good to see, as the course is not easy. Shame there was not more Bournville Harriers though.

The race started within the park, then across two sports fields, then a housing estate, which then brought you to the countryside and that’s where the challenge began. The course was very hilly in places, consisting of muddy and sandy upward clines, but gritting your teeth you just tried your hardest to complete the course.

The race finished within the park again and what a lovely welcome back onto the park from all the spectators. Your received a t. shirt too, always a bonus 🙂 The race was very well marshalled and I would definitely enter this race again. As for our times, well, Scott was a similar time to 2007 – 48.40, which he was pleased with, as he hasn’t ran that distance for a while and I ran the race 6 minutes faster.

They had Scott down as a Bournville Harrier, but at present he isn’t. He did pay the full amount for the race, but I will continue to try and persuade him to return as a member.

The following people ran for BvH:

Graeme Beavers 51.42
Tom Walters 52.15
Lucy Loveless 56.58
Rachel Partridge 58.06
Lesley Pymm 1.00.57

(Full results – PDF)

Well done to all BvH runners, Hope you enjoyed a well deserved drink after.

Lesley Pymm adds: As usual, the evening of the Stumble proved to be a warm one, although I have known it warmer. Rachel, Scott and I hung around a bit before the start with some half hearted attempts at warming up on my part at least. I couldn’t comment on the others. Then it was off to the start.

Ian Clarke was giving a briefing that none of us could hear at the back and then we were off. I never like the start of the Stourbridge runs. We do a loop of the park which involves going up a steep bank; I’d probably find it easier if I did a better warm up! Anyway, then we go out of the park and out of public gaze to go a little way on road before going round a football pitch and golf course.

There is a road crossing which I nearly always get caught at, a bit more uphill on road then we reach the first drink station and then are onto trails. This part of the course is basically a big loop, which for those who have run the Hagley 10k will look very familiar, around fields. Parts of it are very sandy and if it is dry as it was on Saturday this can be draining.

There is also a climb in a woody track which is usually very muddy and sorts out the people who did not wear the right shoes from those who came prepared. I like that bit as I normally manage to get past a few people. Then we have the worst of the sand before turning back to pass the drink station again and to return by almost the same route as we came out on. Overall it is a ‘longish 10k’.

It is a good run, supportive marshals and good support from other runners. I did not hang around at the end for the prizes etc as I wanted to get into the car to see how Mo got on (fair to say he was a tad faster than me). I was surprised to see from the results that there were a few more for BvH who I had not seen at the start. Well done everyone.

3 Replies to “Stourbridge Stumble – 11 August 2012”

  1. Six minutes- brilliant! Well done all- cross country next then? 😉

  2. Well done Rachel! And all the other BvHers (and the imposters – Scott). Great to knock 6 minutes off, that’s loads. Congratulations 🙂

  3. Congratulations to all the BvHers who successfully completed the challenging/demanding Stourbridge Strumble.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.I do hope that `we` are able to persuade Scott to return to BvH as a running member.