Somerley 10k – 2nd Jan 2012

Daniel Wilson reports: There are a couple of events I often do around Christmas down near Bournemouth. One is the Poole Round the Lakes 10k on Boxing Day and the other is this 10K near Ringwood. This is a two lap 10K on unmetalled roads with a couple of hills around the Somerley Estate.

We turned up early this year to enter on the day and my wife entered the 5K. The tracks were a little wet underfoot and there was a bit of wind but it was all run in some nice winter sunshine, and there were a few good runners to chase.

This was another of those 10k’s like the Timber Honger 10k where you don’t expect a pb but I was happy with a 40:25 finish time and might have tried a bit harder to get under 40 minutes if it was not so soon after Christmas and I had it in my legs.

Last years 2nd place in the 10K was Liz Yelling who trains in Poole. This year interesting personality was an ultra runner who ran the 5K harnessed to two husky dogs. I don’t know if you can count that as a pb.

Local newspaper report.

3 Replies to “Somerley 10k – 2nd Jan 2012”

  1. What”s the problem? unless the “runner’ is wearing roller skates… If the dogs are wearing them, I can see no advantage, apart from possibly becoming a YouTube hit… Besides people have been using horses for years, sometimes even sitting on them… Now that IS cheating… as for the Tour de France…don’t get me started on that one!

    Anyway let”s not get the Indian Air Force involved for the moment, I’m sure they have better things to do

  2. Presumably the IAF would take the view that as it wasn’t a human only race, the dogs would count as pacemakers therefore any pb would not count!

  3. Sound running Daniel.A good start to 2012.I certainly think that being harnessed to two husky dogs is `questionable` as regards a pb.On the other hand one can keep two sets of records ie. one with dogs and one without dogs.
    Barrie Roberts