Sneyd Pudding Run Results

Well done to everyone that raced in Sneyd 🙂

Sneyd Pudding Run 10 (23)
Paul Thompson 56.47 4th (1st V40)
Oliver Kirkland 60.54 PB
Daniel Stones 63.44 PB
Caroline H-M 64.34 PB
Gareth Cadd 66.47
Daniel Wilson 68.23
Sarah Rock 70.12
Antony Stewart 71.02 PB
James Gittins 74.08
Suz West 74.09 PB
Lisa Cartwright 75.55 PB
Lizzie Bryans 76.41
Emily Holden 77.49 PB
Matt Broomhead 79.27 PB
Jude Glynn 81.04 PB
Marianne Hensman 82.57
Stacey Marston 84.49 PB
Clare Mullin 87.03 PB
Rachel Partridge 87.52 PB
Steve Doswell 89.07 PB
Emma Hopkins 90.25 PB
Phil Williamson 92.23 PB
David Harrison 95.03 PB


Sneyd 5
Barrie Roberts 39.11 1st M70
Alan West 51.37

One Reply to “Sneyd Pudding Run Results”

  1. It was great to be a `drop in the ocean/sea!` The Sea of Teal was an impressive sight. Very impressed indeed with the large numbers of 10 Mile PBs by BvHers.

    Thankyou to Taz for photographing duties + cake and samosas.