Saturday (12 May) – Honouring Joe at the Masters Road Relays

There will be no XC session at Cofton Park this Saturday (12 May). Members are encouraged to attend the Masters Road Relays at Sutton Park instead, to show their support for our teams and to honour Joe Lewis, who no doubt would have been there cheering us on from his normal spot by the ice cream van.

Our runners will be racing wearing black ribbons in memory of Joe. The ladies’ race starts at 11:00am and the men’s race starts at 1:00pm, but we are encouraging supporters to arrive early so that we can have the chance to gather as a club prior to the first race.

Information including start times and directions to Sutton Park is here: pdf

9 Replies to “Saturday (12 May) – Honouring Joe at the Masters Road Relays”

  1. Thanks for the info Chris. Unfortunately wasn’t able to get anything for today. Couldn’t think of anywhere to get ribbons so tried sports shops for armbands but couldn’t get black.

    A bit of improvisation should mean I have an armband for tomorrow

  2. I am so very sad to hear about Joe’s passing. He was an inspiration to me and led me thru some difficult times in my life and I’m forever in his debt for that.
    He will be missed.
    I cannot attend the races as I now live in the US but will be saying a prayer for him on my paddle out to surf tomorrow morning.

  3. Hi Abayomi,

    Sean got the ribbons for today from the rag market. Don’t know if it’s still open. Hope you’ve found some in time.


  4. I’m a BRAT but would also like to wear a black ribbon (or arm band) in memory of Joe. I will be running at the T&F champs on Saturday and Sunday.

    Where is the best place to get them in town?

    Joe said one of his runners was running the 5,000m (Gary?),and that if the weather was good he might ride down on his motorbike to watch. Hope his runners and club do him proud this weekend.

  5. I can’t make the relays. But I will be in the car park at cofton at 8am tomorrow and will be running a lap of the park anyone who wants to me I would love the company

  6. I also have work commitments, and will miss most of the races, but I will be there from 10:30 until about 11:30.

    Gary & Brad – Laura Leslie’s suggested that we wear ribbons at the London 10k as well, which seems like a nice idea to me, as it’s a team event and one that Joe really wanted us to run in last year.

  7. I also cannot make it (work commitments – I have tried) but I think this is a great idea. I am racing in the Warwickshire Track champs on Sunday and will make sure I wear a black ribbon.

  8. Guys, unfortunately I am away this weekend but be sure that I will be willing you on in Joe’s memory too but from a distance. Make him proud everyone!!!!