Ronnie Bowker Foundation 10k – Stuart Mugridge reports – 22nd April 2013

Ronnie Bowker Foundation 10k – Cannon Hill Park, 22nd April 2013 

A rather belated report for the inaugural running of this race… The day was chillier than expected but not bad for racing as a mix of 215 club and fun runners lined up for the start of this event (including 4 BvHers).

We were faced with two laps of a course (that will be familiarish to ParkRunners) that started at the Lodge entrance to Cannon Hill Park and took us along past the old pub (Red Lion?) and down to the Rea Valley path which we followed out (into a headwind) as far as a (hand-sling round the) bollard at the bottom of Kitchener Road and back the way we had come until the back of the Nature Centre. From here we did a small loop out to Pershore Road and came back into the park from the public car park next to the Nature Centre. Then it was along by the lake, the MAC and the far side of the boating lake and looping back to the Lodge. X2. The finish was then just past the Red Lion as the track starts to drop down.

The event was well organised in advance but had a few teething problems on the day mainly due to an 11am start. The Park was busy by this time and particularly near the MAC it was difficult for runners to avoid people out for a casual stroll, children on scooters/bikes, duck-feeder, etc. There was also a lack of marshals in this area, which didn’t help! The out and back along the Rea Valley path was narrow and didn’t allow for easy overtaking, especially when other path users were present.

I was hoping for a 10k pb on the day but struggled the whole way round despite thinking that the course should be relatively quick – the winner’s time didn’t necessarily reflect my theory either!

The organisers were happy to listen to feedback so I think next year’s event will have addressed the concerns and it’s well worth considering this local event next year if you aren’t distracted by a small fun run down in London on the same day.


Selected results:

The winner was Ian Dempsey in 35:56

Ed Hartley (25th): 41:32

Stuart Mugridge (31st): 42:04

Martin Foster (77th): 48:13

Áine Garvey (121st): 53:15


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7 Replies to “Ronnie Bowker Foundation 10k – Stuart Mugridge reports – 22nd April 2013”

  1. Thanks for the feedback!
    I’m the race organiser for this and pleased with the feedback for my first race as director. I agree more marshalls and an earlier start next time should make a big difference, so I’m planning a 10am start at the latest. Also, the out and back section towards Kitchener Road I am looking at changing and perhaps incorporating some of the more ‘traily’ but more unused sections of the park for a bit of variety. Mark

  2. (Note for Ed Hartley) If you wear skis – beware `the slippery slope!

    `There were some very respectable times for this 10k obstacle course. Congratulations to all concerned.There appears to be `a change of policy` as regards park use at Cannon Hill ie. everyone is welcome – with or without skis,with prams,bicycles,runners,walkers and dogs + constant arrivals/departures at varying speeds of a wide variety of vehicles. With appropriate care,common sense and a generosity of spirit the new Park policy may well be a success and encourage greater use of the Park.
    PS.But `we` still have to be mindful of the risks.

  3. For those of us who can’t afford skiing holidays, the slalom around the mac was welcome… and if you did happen to knock a kiddie in the lake, chances are the runner behind you would get the blame.

    Must use shorter skis next time.

  4. Ah, there’s an art in picking your route wisely in these park based runs where we don’t have priority. It’s all part of the challenge and shouldn’t slow you down. That said I did once run straight into a marshal at the Stratford marathon 🙂

  5. A most worthwhile cause. But there have to be serious concerns about the safety of such events. An earlier start and more marshalls would improve matters.

  6. Good to meet you too Aine.
    Yes, I forgot to mention that the organisers had made a great effort to make this a family-friendly event with post-race food (there were LOTS of cakes) and entertainment (face painting, etc. and I think there was a children’s race too).
    Dodging ice-cream vans?! Sounds like a summer version of one of those mud and fire obstacle races!

  7. Nice report Stuart and nice to meet you on the day. You forgot to mention the all important hog roast and cakes at the end! Having read your report, I feel slightly better about not running as fast as I’d hoped. I think dodging the ice-cream van cost me a few seconds.