Rob Andrew – Euro Champion

UPDATE: Rob Andrew is now double European champion at 800m and 1500m in M45 category. Here’s the full story from

Bournville has a new European Athletics champion in the guise of Bournville Harrier runner Rob Andrew (pictured). Rob is now the fastest man in his age group at 1500m and 800m after competing at the European Masters’ Championships in Hungary this week.

Over 3,000 competitors from 41 countries have entered the 17th European Championships in Nyireghasa, Hungary. In a close race in hot and humid conditions for the 1500m Rob came home only quarter of a second ahead of fellow Britain Simon Anderson in a time of 4:14.22.
His winning time in the 800m final on Friday was 2:00.56.

Rob, 47, works at the University of Birmingham and lives in Erdington with his wife Kerrie and two sons. He has been a member of Bournville Harriers for three years. Rob is already British Champion for the M45 age category for 1500m after competing in the British Masters’ in Cardiff earlier this month.

Bournville Harriers chairman Steve James said: “On behalf of Bournville Harriers we are absolutely delighted. This is a fantastic achievement by a great guy who thoroughly deserves being European Masters’ Champion.”

Great Britain are currently second in the medal table for the championships with Rob running again on Friday in the 800m. We wish him luck.

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Rob also gets a mention in the Evening Mail’s running blog.

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  1. Now that Rob is double European champion, it’s only a question of time before he is asked to appear on “A MATTER OF SPORT tm”.
    So to get us all in the mood, let’s have picture round…..

    Right, here we go; Which is the odd one out, is it; a, b, c, or,d?
    [clue, it’s not the obvious three]

    The most wrong answer wins a Bvh jacket [L] as possibly worn by a European champion.

    Points will not be awarded for lewdness, smut, filth, or any forms of innuendo*

    *apart from if we have a tie-break situation.