Masters Road Relays

This event is to be held on the 25th of May 2013 at Sutton Park, Gareth and I will be organising teams once again, please express your interest in racing here …



NB: The date for the Masters Relays is 18th May. The date above was posted in error. See here for more details.

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  1. Please ignore previous post. Will confirm with individuals regarding relays teams!!!

  2. Current ladies racing (teams will all be entered in 45 cat as mixture of ages in each team – hope that makes sense!!). This may be altered before tomorrow but as it stands these are teams! Thank you team!!

    Team 1:

    Mel James
    Sarah rock
    Laura Gayle

    Team 2:

    Jude Glynn
    Rachel Partridge
    Gayle Fatchett

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Just to clarify these are the stages required for each team:

    Women W35+ 4 11.00 am
    Women W45+ 3 11.00 am
    Women W55+ 3 11.00 am
    Women W65+ 3 11.00 am

    Please may you email me your age and date of birth and EA number to my Facebook or email just so I can work out teams!!

    Entries by tomorrow

    Thank you


  4. I can run in the V35 team if you need to make up numbers for a team. Thanks.

  5. It’s OK Ed. The 25th May falls on the 18th this year. We are owed a bank holiday from the jubilee.

  6. You are `wearing well` Paul. I thought that you were about 26 years old. Welcome to Masters Athletics. `We` always look forward to the next age category.

  7. Can anybody clarify once and for all, what date the 25th of May falls this year… It would be a disaster if it clashed with the relays.

  8. Hi. I would be interested in running (I will be old enough to qualify this week). Thanks, Paul

  9. Masters Men – please let me know by THIS Thursday to register your interest. There are teams in 10 year age cats starting from 35-44. So if you are in an older age group and there are enough names we can field extra teams. Put you name down here and I will get in touch. I have sent an email to all members for whom I was provided an email address for. If you haven’t received it let me know. Thanks.

  10. I`m interested in running the Master`s Road Relays on the 18th May,2013.
    Barrie Roberts

  11. It is the 18th Martin. Becky corrected her mistake in one of the replies below.

    I will send out the official email tomorrow.

  12. If we are entering male vet V55 I am very Interested. Also date on Masters website Is 18th not 25th could you let me know which Is correct address?

  13. Hi Becky, I’d love to do the Masters Relays. (All being well with my foot, touch wood!)

  14. Hi Masters Men – as agreed with Gareth I am assuming leadership of this event this year so please put your name down if interested and I will be in touch. I will obtain email contacts from Gareth and send out a round robin. Thanks. Orlando

  15. sorry guys on a course again this sat!!otherwise i would have been in!!

  16. Ah… I think you’re right Lesley, but was hoping you were wrong-as that makes the relays on my birthday (and a ‘significant’ one at that!) I’ll wait for the flood of names and see 😉

  17. Hi, I think you’ll find that the Masters Relays are on 18th May. That is the date I have had in my diary for ages and I have checked the MMAC and BMAF websites and it does not appear to have changed. I am cycling an audax that day so cannot run I am afraid.

  18. If there are any other *ahem* more senior ladies (V45) wanting to make up a team I’m keen..(ish)