Road Relays – Women – Saturday 19th March 2011

Rachel Ward writes: The relays take place at Sutton Park with the start at 12.00. Most people make their own way there or car share with others, let me know if you need directions or a lift. The train station is only about a 5-10 min walk away so is a good alternative to driving.

You need to be there by 11.15 at the latest and Linda Howell is registering you and organiser on the day. I will more than likely not make it over there, so if you have any problems on Saturday at all, if your late or cant run Linda is the person to contact and she will be making any decisions for us.

Any problems before Saturday, if you need your leg changing or anything at all, then contact me.

Below are the teams that you are in with an approximation of your start time. I have based this on the legs that were run in October for the first team of 18 minutes. Obviously these may vary and change depending upon who you are following and how fast they run.

More details have been sent to your email address so please check there too.

Have a great run!



Leg Runner Expected start time
1 Marianne Hensmann 12.00
2 Susanna Hoburger 12.18
3 Aine Gallagher 12.36
4 Laura Leslie 12.54
5 Cat Ricketts 1.14
6 Linda Howell 1.32



Leg Runner Expected start time
1 Nicola Cumley 12.00
2 Julie Delahaye-Slater 12.18
3 Emily Holden 12.36
4 Lizzy Bryans 12.54
5 Michaela Thompson 1.14
6 Tamara Kennedy 1.32


Leg Runner Expected start time
1 Kathryn Doudican 12.00
2 Kathryn Holliday 12.18
3 Lesley Pymm 12.36
4 Sharon Wheldon 12.54
5 Rachel Ward (hopefully!) 1.14
6 1.32


7 Replies to “Road Relays – Women – Saturday 19th March 2011”

  1. Hi,

    Did any of the ladies leave a pair of clean socks behind? White & mint coloured. I have them & will bring up to club,


  2. Hello

    Please check your emails!!!
    Emily has had to pull out as she is not well, so Kathryn is moving from first leg for 3rd team to Emilys place (3rd leg) in 2nd team.

    Lesley and Sharon that means that your leg will move up to first and second.

    Any problems, let me know:

    Thanks, Rachel

  3. With the start time changing I will now be getting the 10.32am train calling at Bournville at 10.39am and arriving in Sutton at 11.14am.

    Susanne I think there will be a few of us on the train and other people will be getting on at Bournville too. You can email me at to exchange mobile phone numbers 🙂

  4. PS

    Club vests must be worn, if you dont have one
    (or would like one of the new improved ones!) then see Rachel Partridge, our kit secretary.

    Thanks, Rachel


    Start time for women is 12.20 not 12 as originally publlished.
    Team 3 check email for changes, Kathryn H is not running.

    Susanne – All women run 3 miles!

    Any problems email me

  6. Hey Laura,

    I think I’m taking the train as well, so I hope I’ll find you in the last coach!

    I didn’t receive any email; is there anything more I should know about the relay race except the starting time? What’s the distance for everyone?

    See you all there!
    Susanne =)

  7. Dear all,

    I will be getting the train across to Sutton park. If you would like to join me, I will be getting the 10:22 from Longbridge, calling at Bournville at 10:29 and arriving into Sutton Coldfield at 11:03. I will be sitting in the last coach.

    Laura 🙂