Road Relays – Men – Sat 9th April 2011

Start Time 12 noon – as a very rough guide, 30 mins for long legs, 15 mins for short. Overall club record stands at 4:52:54; overall club records for the short and long stage stand at 15.57 and 29.23.

All 3 records are up for grabs on Saturday plus individual bests and age group records.

Final Team:

1. Gareth (L)
2. Jon (S)
3. Gary Blackman (L)
4. Andy Clayton (S)
5. Sean (L)
6. Steve Cumley (S)
7. Dave Harte (L)
8. Stuart Pearson (S)
9. Simeon Paine (L)
10. Matt Slater (S)
11. Daniel Wilson (L)
12. Mike Berry (S)

3 Replies to “Road Relays – Men – Sat 9th April 2011”

  1. Well, watch the paintwork, probably best not wear your golf shoes, and ask the owner first.

  2. Good Luck. I’m sure you will do great. I’ll be thinking of you as I play my 4th round of golf over Friday and Saturday from the magical Rolls of Monmouth.

  3. Hopefully we will avoid any last minute injuries and/or availability problems.We have two excellent travelling reserves. All the very best to the BvH Mens Team for Saturday`s Relays.It would be great to see a few records go + some pbs.
    Barrie Roberts
    PS.I would urge members to come and support. It`s a great occasion.