Rivington Trail Half Marathon – 2nd Oct 2010

Lesley Pymm reports from Lancashire: This is the second running of this lovely run, and the route had been changed slightly from last year.

I preferred the new course as I really don’t like loops that take you back to the start/finish area within a couple of miles of the start. This time we went up beneath Rivington Pike and then followed a loop before going out onto the reservoirs.

I had reason to curse Lord Leverhume, whose land this had been many years ago and who had roadways created which were now like cobbles. Some people managed to get some speed up on them, but I found it really difficult. The weather remained good for us – it had been very wet the day before and was very wet the day after, but we did the race in sunshine.

There were mile markers, although I managed to miss the ones at miles 10 and 12. Marshals and first aiders were really positive – first aid was by Bolton Mountain Rescue, so it was bound to be good. My time was a minute or so slower than last year, but as the course is different it is not really possible to compare.

The goody bag was excellent, as is the technical T-shirt. I don’t know if I will do it again next year as it clashed with the club event this weekend – I had already entered this event before the date was finalised so will have to see what happens next year, but this is certainly a good one. There are lovely views, climbs and woodland areas.

Lesley’s result here and full results here.