Race report for Men’s team – MCAA Road Relay Championship, Sept 2013

On Saturday 21st September saw the running of the Midland Men’s 6 Stage Road Relays.  I (Gareth Cadd) am pleased to report that I was there was lots of interest in this event from the men and was able to field 4 complete teams and a member running a leg in the vets race.

On 1st leg for the A was Orlando Corea who ran a pb of 19:15 which were also just shy of the club record and brought the team in 21st place. On 2nd leg ran was Chris Tarren who a pb of 20:09 (I think Chris may have actually ran quicker but I think there was an issue with the marshalling) and gained two places. The third leg was run by Rich Bayliss in a time of 20:17 which was also a PB and gained another 2 places. The 4th leg was ran by Sam Chatwin who ran 20:23 and held position to keep the team in 17th place overall. The 5th leg was run by Paul Thompson in a time of 20:23 and he gained an extra place for us. The 6th and final leg was run by Dean Parker in a time of 20:06 gaining a further two places. The A team finished in 14th place overall in a time of 2:00:33 which qualifies us comfortably for the Nationals.

I led out the B team and ran PB of 19:50. On 2nd leg was Bradlee Tod who ran 21:58 for his leg. On 3rd leg was newcomer to this event which was James Collins who ran a time of 21:26. 4th leg was Simon Hopkins who is also a newcomer ran a time of 22:08. Sean rose ran the 5th leg in a time of 20:49. The final leg was run by Chris Collins in a time of 20:30. The B team finished in 28th place overall in a time of 2:06:41

Stuart Pearson led out the C team and ran a PB of 21:27. On 2nd leg was Chris Harlan-Marks who ran a time of 22:59 which was a PB despite the confusion caused by the marshals. On 3rd leg was another first timer, Oliver Kirkland and he ran a time of 23:15. On 4th Leg was Jon Hammond who ran a time of 23:44. On 5th leg was Paul Gorman who ran a massive pb of 23:39 and provided the BvH Supporters of the entertaining spectacle of a sprint finish against one of the leading men. The final leg was run by Matt Slater who ran a PB of 23:22. The C team finished in 52nd place overall in a time of 2:18:26

Andrew Wheeler led out the D team and ran a time of 22:53. On 2nd leg was Dave Harte who ran a time of 23:35. The 3rd leg was run by the constantly improving Antony Stewart in a time of 25:16. 4th leg was run by Jack Roberts in 27:32. 5th leg was run by newcomer John Enright in a time of 27:31. The final leg was run by Jamie Johnston who is working back to fitness in a time of 21:42. The D team finished in 72nd place overall in a time of 2:28:29

Barrie Roberts ran a leg in the Masters Race in a time of 27:35 which is a new BvH M70 record.

I would like to thank everyone who participated again and Claire Hammond, Katie Roberts, Rob Andrew, Brian Pearson, Paul Hensmen and anybody else who supported us on the day.


(Race photos by Bryan Dale).

Mens results – Total of 86 complete teams competing, full results here.


14 Bournville Harriers ‘A’ 2:00:33

1 Orlando Corea (20) 19:15

2 Chris Tarren (19) 20:09

3 Rich Bayliss (17) 20:17

4 Sam Chatwin (17) 20:23

5 Paul Thompson (16) 20:23

6 Dean Parker (14) 20:06


28 Bournville Harriers ‘B’ 2:06:41

1 Gareth Cadd (31) 19:50

2 Bradlee Tod (42) 21:58

3 James Collins (39) 21:26

4 Simon Hopkins (41) 22:08

5 Sean Rose (34) 20:49

6 Chris Collins (28) 20:30


52 Bournville Harriers ‘C’ 2:18:26

1 Stuart Pearson (58) 21:27

2 Chris Harlan-Marks (59) 22:59

3 Oliver Kirkland (62) 23:15

4 Jon Hammond (61) 23:44

5 Paul Gorman (55) 23:39

6 Matthew Slater (52) 23:22


72 Bournville Harriers ‘D’ 2:28:29

1 Andrew Wheeler (78) 22:53

2 David Harte (77) 23:35

3 Antony Stewart (80) 25:16

4 Jack Roberts (81) 27:32

5 John Enright (77) 27:31

6 Jamie Johnstone (72) 21:42


Barrie Roberts – 27:35

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  1. Thankyou Gareth for organizing the BvH Teams,and THANKYOU to the organizers,officials and our loyal band of BvH supporters.The MCAA Road Relay Championships were clearly successful and generally enjoyable for most participants.Put it in your diary for next year.