Police & Services League XC – Darley Park 17 December 2014

Lesley Pymm reports:  The latest in the Services League took us over to Derby to a course that we had been assured was OK for road shoes.  Why do I take notice of these things?  I took trail shoes along but ended up wishing I was using studs.  This was combined with the Northern League, so numbers were increased.  This was just as well as the turn out was low.  Apparently it always is at this time of year.  This is only my first full season of this league.

The course was about 5.5 miles and was adapting the local parkrun course (Stacey take note).  This was two laps.  We started off on grass and ran along to pick up a muddy track then turned right uphill.  At the top there was another stoney track.  I ran along this and then went left and right and up a very muddy and steep hill (how I wished I had studs!), at the top we ran along through deep mud.  We dropped down and onto tarmac briefly and back into the park gates.  Just before a cafe we turned right and went diagonally over grass and then downhill to pass the start and off to the left.

A quick run towards the car-park and then more grass and onto a bank alongside the river.  More mud!  There was a turn to the right and then (more mud) through a playing field and a sharp left (more mud) and back up to the start/finish area.  Just had to do it once more!

It was a good course.  I would have done better with studs on, but I’ll remember next time.  There was food available at the local rugby club afterwards, but the group I was with decided to get going and miss the traffic getting back to Birmingham.

2 Replies to “Police & Services League XC – Darley Park 17 December 2014”

  1. Yet another great report Lesley and you are certainly representing BvH far and wide over the festive period. I’ll definitely have a look at the parkrun on this route – I may be setting a goal to reach my “Cow” or “Half-Cowell” in 2015; 50 different parkrun events, travel and other plans permitting, so this could be a good option. Hope to see you at one of the New Year’s Day events.

  2. Having the right footwear can make a huge difference.If you want to race/run well,it is good to feel reasonably relaxed —— And if one is `unhappy` with ones footwear,then this can be an unwelcome distraction. But,at least you did it Lesley.