Police & Services League – Event 7 Newbold Revel 25.02.2015

Lesley Pymm reports:  This was the latest event in the Police & Services League and it was brilliant!  The venue was the Prison Service Training College near Rugby, which I know well as I used to go there for work when I was seconded to the Prison Service.  It was a two lap course which we were told was OK for spikes.  In the race briefing we were asked to try to avoid the snowdrops!

I wore spikes and felt that I would have been better in studs – but others who wore studs felt the opposite.  We started off on grass and went around a playing field and then off onto a track which was a bit stoney.  Then it was alongside a lake and then off into woodland.  This was a bit ‘barky’ underfoot and there were a few rabbit holes to avoid.  All was generally flat and I just needed to concentrate on what was under my feet as there were trip hazards.

All of a sudden, about 1/2 way, round there was a ditch!  Just a little ditch, but a bit awkward.  Over that and back along woodland paths.  A little deviation to the left and suddenly there was a steep little bank ahead.  Not easy to climb as it was very slippery and was steep on the other side.  Over that and around a corner and there was what became known as ‘snowdrop bank’.  We had to climb over the bank (trying to avoid the snowdrops) and then do a sharp little turn and go back over it again, then along the path a little before going over the bank again.  I am afraid there were some pretty battered snowdrops by the time we had finished the two laps!

After this it was fairly straightforward back to the start/finish area.  I wasn’t lapped!  On the second lap I overtook someone and nearly caught a second runner but he dealt with snowdrop bank better than me!

Showers and cake completed the afternoon.  It certainly felt easier than the Nationals on Saturday.  A good race.  I took 1.05.25 and was happy with that.


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  1. 6mm spikes might have been ok Lesley,but running over gravel and bark with longer spikes could have been more challenging.I like running in flats for speed ,but sometimes heavier multi-terrain footwear gives one more protection from potential injury. Arriving early and walking/jogging the Course can sometimes help one decide on the best footwear for a particular event. But you know all this! I`m glad that you enjoyed the race,and was happy with your time.