Police and Services League Event 3 – 25 November 2015

Lesley Pymm reports:  This was the third event in the league and took place at the Prison Service Training Centre at Newbold Revel.  I had run there last year and really enjoyed it.  I got there in very good time and got out for a warm up.  I started off on the same route as last year and then realised that there was an arrow in the opposite direction – the route had changed!  It missed out a funny little bank that we did last year, and was the opposite was round.  Much of it was the same but in a different direction.  Two 3 mile laps.

There was a young woman there who was worried that she would be last – it was her first of these events.  I had been last for the first two events by a long way, so hoped that she would be around my speed so that I had someone to run against.

The race started and off they went.  I was dropped on the first field but soon caught and overtook a woman from the Prison Service, who I remembered from last year.  She did not do the whole league.  The young woman I had been talking to was ahead and was being dropped by the rest of the field.  I slowly closed the gap.  She seemed to be slowing down a lot.  It was an interesting course.  Fairly flat, but certainly not boring.  You really had to watch where you were running.  There were tree roots, rabbit holes, ditches, mud – lovely!

I passed the young woman and she asked if there were many behind.  I told her only one, and that she was a long way behind.  I kept going but could hear her behind me, she was keeping pace with me.  I really tried and I was in front as we finished that lap and for most of the second lap.  Towards the end that lap she drew level with me.

I said that I hoped she was going to do the rest of the series as it was so good to have someone to run against!  She ran alongside me and said that she had decided to try to keep with me for as long as possible.  I think that she felt a bit awkward passing me, so I told her to go on and finish!  I really enjoyed it and was not far behind her.  Looking forward to the next one which is combined with the North and will be in Doncaster.

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  1. I expect, Lesley, that you get a good welcome at these Police Running Events. “ALLO,ALLO,ALLO!”