Phoenix Flyer 5k – 15 May 2013

Lesley Pymm reports:  This is the second event in the Telford AC Sexarathon Series.  Held at Phoenix Sports Centre in Dawley, I always have problems finding the place.  I set off in very good time and found it without too much trouble, although did not go straight there.  I found a place to park easily, others who got there later had more trouble.  I then went off to look at the course and decide on footwear.  It is a grass course and is virtually the same as they use for XC there.  As it had rained there overnight and there was a boggy bit, spikes seemed the answer.

The course is a single small loop, then off to do two circuits of the large lap.  As I set off on the small loop, we got to the aforementioned boggy bit; at this point a number of runners in front of me stopped and shrieked (obviously not used to XC!)  I grumbled a bit and tried to get though.  Then it was on, past the start and finish, and off onto the longer lap.  This is basically flat with quite a good downhill, that does not seem to be matched with an uphill – it can’t be true, but that’s how it seems.  It takes in three more fields and a rough path  before going back into the first field and the ‘boggy bit’ – at least the field had thinned out by this time so there was no hold up here. 

Around the course once more and into the finish area.  Lots of runners were moaning that this is their least favourite event of the series.  I quite enjoyed it.  It was a long way to go for 5k, but it is part of a series, so that made up for it.  My time was 26.41 and I was quite pleased with that – especially after the Black Death Run at the weekend. 

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  1. You have obviously made a remarkable recovery Lesley post – Black Death.If the history books are right,a lot of people didn`t! A good `solid` run Lesley. Well done.