Parkrun, 19 January 2013

Lesley Pymm reports on a very snowy Parkrun:

It was a case of ‘is it on or not?’ as we all kept checking the website to see what the latest news was.  In the end it did go ahead and 75 people ran the parkrun on Saturday.  This would not have happened if it had not been for the volunteers who were out there marshalling, time-keeping etc.  It was fantastic to get out there and run.  I did not expect that anyone would get a pb, but there were two people who did!!  It was good to see others from BvH running and marshalling.  Running on snow is bound to be harder, but it is great exercise and really good fun.  The snow had compacted and with the correct shoes and with care it was fine to run.

Rich Bayliss was second.  Aine Garvey ran with a friend and helped her to get a pb!  Is Zoë going to join us, Aine?  Others to brave the weather were Barrie Roberts, Steve Doswell, Suz West, Laura Gale and Oliver Kirkland.  Sorry if I have missed anyone.  Well done all.  BIG THANKS to all who volunteered to make it safe and possible. 
Lesley Pymm  

3 Replies to “Parkrun, 19 January 2013”

  1. Sorry, I’ve only just seen this! Yes, it was a brilliant morning, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Zoe has definitely got the running bug now and am trying to get her to join. She works crazy hours, but we’ll get her in the end.

  2. I fully concur with the comments from Lesley and Suz;it was very exhilerating and fun running in the snow.I didn`t see any polar bears!

  3. This was a brilliant parkrun experience and my first time running in snow,totally agree big thankyou to the volunteers on that morning and all sat mornings.Parkrun great fun,great atmosphere and brilliant on a snow day 🙂