12 Replies to “OMM 2010 report”

  1. I have always thought the best part of mountain marathon training was growing the beard so as to “look the part”

  2. Thanks everyone. I’m not nuts, honestly – it is a genuinely enjoyable way to spend a weekend that I recommend to other Harriers even if you’re not a classic fell runner nutter!

  3. Brilliant report – that is the Dartmoor I know and love – I am so envious. Well done all of you. Fantastic effort.

  4. Should be called the OMG rather than OMM 🙂 Well done gentlemen. Tho’ combining sogginess, camping, and marathons on consecutive days I can’t see me doing one any time soon. Was not aware that Barrie had spent time in Broadmoor in his formative years or did I mis-read his post?

  5. Took me back to my days in uniform! I spent many days on Dartmoor in my formative years.It is the sort of thing which puts the Great back in Britain —- And without doubt it is `character building.` Bournville Harriers is graced with some wonderful members,even if occasionally they might be `on/near the brink`.Congratulations Paul Foot and Andy Wheeler.
    Barrie Roberts

  6. Fantastic! Hope Helen’s parents provided a good feed. It’s madness, but know you love it 🙂

  7. Fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed your report. Definately needed more toilets by the look of that queue!! Well done!

  8. Great report and great running. Not for me though – I still get lost on the Pebble Mill run.

  9. Well done lads. Sunday looked a bit grim. Hope to see you next year!

  10. Brilliant Paul and colin.
    At last some proper racing and running I was starting to think this club was going soft with nothing but talk of namby pamby short races
    Well done again and good to see the true BvH Running spirit out there in some roper hard races.