National Masters Road Relays

Gareth Cadd on this weekend’s relays: Here are the teams for the National Masters Road Relays. Both the M35 and M45 races start at 1pm on Saturday and each leg is approximately 3 miles.

I have an approximate time for the start of each leg to ensure people know when they are running.

The M35 team is as follows.

1st Andy Halliday – 13.00
2nd Rob Andrew – 13.15
3rd Jonathon Grix – 13.30
4th Simeon Paine – 13.45
5th Sean Rose – 14.00
6th Andy Clayton – 14.15
7th Stuart Pearson – 14.30
8th Dean Parker – 14.45

Matt Slater
Adrian Fowler

The M45 team is as follows
1st Daniel Wilson – 13.00
2nd Paul Dugmore – 13.15
3rd Ed Hartley – 13.30
4th Terry Doherty 13.45
5th Barrie Roberts 14.00
6th Andy Saker 14.15

2 Replies to “National Masters Road Relays”

  1. I like Andy Halliday`s mind-set :-` RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN AND NEVER LOOK BACK.`Hopefully we can all do that in National Masters Road Relays at Sutton Park.

  2. Just popped out for a late fitness and passed with flying colours.

    Bring it on.

    I shall be adhering to my running motto tomorrow …

    “Run as fast as you can for as long as you can and never look back, never ever look back”

    Massively looking forward to it I love relays and team events I couldn’t care less about individual glory.