National Masters Road Relays – Ladies – 12 May 2012

Becky Hampson reports: A lovely sunny day greeted us as the Masters teams assembled at Sutton Park. As an event which was tribute a for Joe Lewis, it was lovely to have so many members of the club together to share in his memory.

The commemorative black ribbons on BvH running vests was a lovely gesture, thanks to Sean Rose for making them and bringing them along, and also to thanks Linda for her emergency cycle into Sutton to ensure the were enough ribbons to go round!

On a personal level, this was my first event as ladies road relays team manager, with the official hand over with Rachel Ward taking place, and with the help of my glamorous assistant Claire McHugh, I felt very proud to have that responsibility.

The ladies team ran extremely hard, Mel taking on first leg, Lesley on second, Ange on third and Kathryn bringing us home in fourth. Every single one of them displaying a level of focus, commitment and exertion Joe would have been proud of.

The results online were incorrect, reporting Kathryn to have run 45mins, which is obviously a technical error as her lap was just over 23minutes! We are currently awaiting for the results to change and for our new overall position to be announced.

Well done to all who ran, cheered and wore there teal with pride!

Brain Smith’s photos are here

Bryan Dale’s photos are here

More pics here

2 Replies to “National Masters Road Relays – Ladies – 12 May 2012”

  1. Brilliant 🙂 Well done everyone- sorry to have missed it- hope to be there in the next one Lesley helping make up a…er..more senior (or more masterful?!) team!

  2. Looks like they’ve sorted the results and they have Kathryn down as 22.37 – well done! We were 12th in the W35s.

    It was great to have a female Masters team out, let’s get more Masters running in these events (so that I don’t have to pretend to be a W35!)