National XC Championships-Woollaton Park, Nottingham, 22nd Feb ’14

A sunny sky welcomed the BvH contingent to Woollaton Park in Nottingham for this years National Cross Country Championships. The women toed the starting line with the likes of Steph Twell and Gemma Steele in a field of over 700 runners, whilst the men lined up against Steve Vernon and the best of the English cross country athletes in a field of 1657.

Many thanks to Nicola Cumley and Paul Thompson for their fantastic organisational skills and delivering and returning us all via coach from the Pavilion and to the Pearsons for bringing and setting up the BvH tent and flags.


  • Nicola Sykes finishing 20th female
  • Mens team finishing 45th out of 127 teams
  • Womens team finishing 22nd out of 83 teams

Womens Results

20        Nicola Sykes               29:52

203      Linda Howell              35:10

232      Marianne Hensman     35:47

241      Sarah Rock                  35:55

259      Laura Leslie                36:11

391      Suz West                     38:53

436      Jude Glynn                  39:53

504      Nicola Cumley            42:06

575      Aine Garvey                44:06

Mens Results

361      Chris Collins               43:20

409      Paul Thompson           44:01

434      Chris Tarren                44:19

468      Rich Bayliss                44:47

717      Oliver Kirkland           47:30

757      Rich Rollins                47:56

851      Stuart Pearson             49:07

1057    Matt Slater                  51:40

1103    Danny Wilson             52:21

1437    John Enright                58:33

1541    Kevin Peace                61:39

1572    Mark Doudican           63:31


Full results here

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4 Replies to “National XC Championships-Woollaton Park, Nottingham, 22nd Feb ’14”

  1. Congratulations everyone. Hope to run XC next season.

    Nicola’s performance is jaw dropping.

  2. Yes.A great day for Bournville Harriers.`We` have achieved individually and collectively.
    A big thanks to Nicola and Paul, and to all who have contributed to the success and enjoyment during this XC Season.

  3. Thanks so much to Nicola and the rest of the BvH team for such a great day. Lovely atmosphere, great weather and a surprisingly kind course. I whole heartedly encourage everyone to do this next year even if you are a cross country avoider (like I was!). Lots of ‘normal’ runners on the course so plenty of people to slipstream! Thanks to all the BvH cheerleaders too! Get well soon Lesley

  4. Well done all of you. Brilliant results. I do wish I could have been there to run – but I did manage to walk parkrun without any problem. May be able to try running in a few days – we’ll see. It was certainly a lovely day for the XCs.