Midlands Road Relays- Ladies 4 Stage, 19th September, Sutton Park

Jude Glynn reports on a great day out for Team Teal:

Bournville Ladies were out in force and we were the only club to field five complete teams!

With the sun shining, perhaps a little too brightly, conditions were a little warm. There were nonetheless some great times, fine Team Teal debut performances and general awesomeness from BVH ladies!

The day clearly demonstrated the club values of Performance, Participation, Encouragement and Enjoyment-well done and thank you all!

14th BVH A
Nicola Sykes 16:01
Laura Gale 17:51
Linda Howell 17:11
Laura Leslie 18:04

38th BVH B
Monica Baptista 19:09
Rhian Littlewood 20:56
Emily Holden 18:57
Lisa Cartwright 19:35

52nd BVH C
Suz West 19:59
Nicola Morris 20:29
Claire Butler 20:57
Jude Glynn 20:43

62nd BVH D
Stacey Marston 21:50
Sam Pretlove 20:53
Rachel Partridge 22:57
Ellie Ahmed 21:42

76th BVH E
Emma Hopkins 22:03
Lesley Proctor 23:57
Grainne Bermingham 25:30
Lesley Pymm 25:52

3 Replies to “Midlands Road Relays- Ladies 4 Stage, 19th September, Sutton Park”

  1. I can’t think of many team events where the team comprises 20 members, not to mention making sure everyone was in the right team and last minute substitutions were managed; well done Cap’n Jude and well done everyone who ran, especially those “enjoying” the relays for the first time!