Midland Men’s 6 Stage & Ladies 4 Stage Relays – NOTICE

The Midland Men’s 6 Stage and Ladies 4 Stage road relays will be taking place on the 24th September at Sutton Park in Birmingham and we’re looking to get as many BvH teams as possible to run in this great team event.

Can you please let the Ladies team manager, Rachel Ward or the Men’s team manager, Gareth Cadd know if you’re interested in running in the relays as soon as possible.

We encourage you to participate if you can and we have the potential to be very competetive as we continue to raise the profile of our club.

8 Replies to “Midland Men’s 6 Stage & Ladies 4 Stage Relays – NOTICE”

  1. I’d like to run also ( maybe not quick as I haven’t raced for 6 months) but I can now run for 60mins.

  2. Gareth

    I’ll run – got thyroid problems so you may need to wake me up on the day of the race mind you.

    Be interesting to see how I fare off a training base which has reduced to 10 miles a week.


  3. I am flying to Italy early evening so could possibly take part. What time does the event finish by? I will ask Gareth when I see him Saturday at the CH 5k.

  4. Alas,due to a couple of prior arrangements elsewhere,I will not be able to compete in the Midland Relays this year.However,I hope to be involved next year in this prestigious regional event. It would be great if `we` could have,not `a sea of teal`,but `an ocean of teal`representing BvH.A good participation level will enhance our performance outcome. A wonderful opportunity to `show-case` Bournville Harriers —-And have fun.Go for it.Support your Team Managers Rachel Ward and Gareth Cadd.
    Barrie Roberts