Midland Men’s 12 Stage & Ladies 6 Stage Road Relays

Calling all BvH members to come and have a go at Sutton Park..

The Midland Men’s 12 stage and Ladies 6 stage road relays are nearly upon us and will be on Saturday 31st March.

The Men’s race will consist of 12 individual relay legs per team with each team running 4 long and 8 short relay ‘legs’ (Approximately 5.5 miles and 3 miles respectively).

The Ladies event will consist of 6 individual relay legs per team, with each runner completing around 3 miles.

With spring just around the corner, this is a fantastic event which takes place at Sutton Park near Stton Coldfield, and I would urge you all to participate so we can get as many BvH teams out as possible.

The Club will pay for the entry of all individuals and the event will make a refreshing change from the Parkrun so all you need to do is let the team captain’s know and turn up and run……..simple!

Please confirm your place with BvH team capatains, Gareth Cadd and Rachel Ward.

Rachel Ward adds: Plea to all ladies!
It is that time of year again when you know spring is on the way, and the road relays loom around the corner…

As usual the relays are taking place at Sutton Park, starting at 12.00 and the ladies are racing in teams of 6. Each runner will complete a leg of 3 miles each.

For those of you that are new to the club, or haven’t joined us in the relays before, now is your chance! It’s a fantastic day out, great course, great atmosphere and of course, there is always the promise of cake at the finish!

Don’t worry if your thinking ‘but I’m not fast enough’, the relays is for everyone, no matter your age or pace!

An opportunity to test your speed, as well as gain new friends, the ladies team is fantastic to be a part of.

You must be a paid up BVH member (see Linda Howell if your not- a gentle reminder that subs are soon due if you are!), wear a club vest (see Rachel P if you need one) and let me know by email if you want to run. I need to know by Friday 9th March if you are interested – the club pay for your entry. rachelnward1984@hotmail.co.uk

The ladies team has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and I want to thank everyone that has been a part of that, you have made the role of team captain very easy and incredibly enjoyable! I am stepping down as team captain as of April, so if anyone would like to take over please let me know!!!


9 Replies to “Midland Men’s 12 Stage & Ladies 6 Stage Road Relays”

  1. Ange, will be great to see you, come join us for a day out and cake!
    Sadly you wont be able to run for BVH this time, but another time perhaps…

  2. Ange, looking forward to seeing you, let me know if you fancy re-joining, would be great to have you at relays (& any xc you might be over for) in the mighty teal 🙂 hope you’ll come and support x

  3. Ange – it would depend if you are a member of another club or not. If you are, even if you re-joined BvH, you would not be able to race in a team. Come and support us!

  4. ange – if you join this week you can, might be an expensive race though 🙂

  5. Hello i jus wanna confirm to Gareth that im interested in doing the 3 mile relays this month thankyou.

  6. Hi rach am home for the weekend can I be a temp member and run…. Wish it were poss but it’s prob not. Hope you ok. Big hugs ange x

  7. Looking forward to it, it really is a great team event & atmosphere, not to mention the opportunity of getting to know members you may not normally run with. Hoping it’s a packed out teal tent 🙂

  8. A plea to my fellow BvHers. Please assist/support our BvH Team Captains Gareth and Rachel,and let them know,sooner rather than later,that you wil run in the Sutton Park Road Relays on Saturday 31st March,2012.It is a prestigious and enjoyable occasion, and it would be great to see a large `sea of teal` in this Olympic Year.
    If you have never run road relays before do not fear.Give it a go.We all have OVER A MONTH to prepare ourselves.Talk to your coaches and fellow runners.If you can do a park run,you can do a relay leg.
    Barrie Roberts