Midland Masters XC – 22 Jan 2012

Lesley Pymm reports: The weather was very kind for the Midland Masters XC this year.  It was mild and dry – if a little windy! 

The course was the same as the previous couple of years. It is all a bit complicated at the beginning as the women and MM65s start off with the younger men, but after a circuit of a playing field the women and older men turn off and the younger men do another circuit and then head off for a small lap.
Lesley Pymm
It sounds worse than it is, and generally works out OK.  Fairly early on in the women’s race there is a very steep hill.  The first time around it was still pretty dry, so not too bad at all – by the second lap it was a bit more slippery.

We then do a run through some woods, over a bridge and then up a nasty little bank and onto a path before heading off again along the river, under the road, up a hill and then down and under the road again by the river.  Into a muddy patch, through to some playing fields and back to the start and finish area – twice for the women!

It is a great little course and such a shame that there were no other BvH reps there – usually one or two men are there.  I got the FM55 silver medal again.  There were a lot of team medals that were not used as there were not the teams there.

Talking about teams – are any other women doing the British Masters XC on 25 March in Bath?  I will be running and if there is a team I will run in a younger age group, so I need to know.  Unlike the Midland Masters, the BMAF event is open, so you only have to meet the age category. Please let me know if you intend to run.

Results (PDF)

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  1. Thankyou for your Midland Masters XC Report. Congratulations Lesley on winning your Silver Medal.A commendable achievement.
    Barrie Roberts