Midland Ladies cross country league, Race 1, Leamington – Nov 3rd 2012


Nicola Cumley reports: A great start to the season from the ladies cross country team finishing in 11th overall and the masters team finishing 1st! A brilliant start to the 2012-2013 season, lets hope to keep it going.

Strong performances were put in from the top three finishers, Mel, Linda and Caroline. Mel, Marianne and Sarah Rock counting for the triumphant masters team and the all important pusher-backers did us proud.

Special mention should be made of the cross country first timers Jude Glyn and Claire Hammond, showing that training at Cofton pays off on race day.

The good news is that we go back to Leamington on the 5th of January for the Warwickshire Championships, so we get to experience the ditch again!

Team results: 

Position Name Time
30 Mel James 28.21
39 Linda Howell 28.57
53 Caroline Harlan-Marks 28.38
55 Marianne Hensman 29.49
72 Sara Roberts 30.51
75 Nicola Cumley 30.55
86 Sarah Rock 31.16
108 Julie Delahaye-Slater 32.38
136 Claire Hammond 33.45
146 Aine Gallagher 34.35
150 Emily Holden 34.54
176 Jude Glyn 36.24


All results (PDF)

4 Replies to “Midland Ladies cross country league, Race 1, Leamington – Nov 3rd 2012”

  1. Ed – I do happen to the proud recipient of an `A` and `B` Glider Pilot`s Licence.I have flown in a wide range of aircraft,both military and civil,but I was never trusted to go solo in anything with an engine!

  2. Congratulations BvH Ladies. A FANTASTIC START TO THE XC SEASON.