Midland Men’s 12 Stage Relays, Sutton Park – March 19th

Jon Grix is calling all male BvH members:

If you fancy having a go, please contact me

we still need some brave men to step up to the plate to complete two full teams for the 12 stage. Remember this event counts towards the Grand Prix.

The event starts at 12 noon.

3 Replies to “Midland Men’s 12 Stage Relays, Sutton Park – March 19th”

  1. Sorry guys I can’t attend this as I’m in Antigua!!!

    I’m sure you will do well and Best of Luck.

    I’ll be gunning for a fast time at Fradley 10k tomorrow though if I can shake off this calf strain so hope to see a lot of you there.

  2. OK, I’ve done it but if I do regret it I know where to find you Barrie…………

  3. Do make yourself available for the Men`s 12 Stage Relays at Sutton Park on March 19th. It is a tremendous occasion, and BvH have improved their performances at this prestigious event in recent years.It is a wonderful opportunity to `fly the flag` for BvH —— And for most people who participate it is enjoyable and fulfilling.Yes,and there are also Grand Prix points available. Do it now! Contact Jon Grix by e mail ie. mensrelays@bournvilleharriers.org.uk
    You won`t regret it.
    Barrie Roberts