Men’s Road Relays Teams – Saturday 25th September

relaysJon Grix writes: The Men’s Road Relays are this Saturday (25th Sept) at Sutton Park and start at 1.30pm. Here’s a list of who’s running and when their start time should be.

Please ensure you are in the pen at the right time. Below is a rough idea of when you should be ready to go. BvH’s best finish in this race is 27th in 2.02.32 (2008), a record that is there to be beaten.

Teams and Order of Running

A Team
Rob Andrew (1.30)
Andrew Halliday (1.45)
Gareth Cadd (2pm)
Chris Collins (2.15)
Deano (2.30)
Mark Hobbs (3pm)

B Team
Andy Clayton
Jon Grix
Steve McGlen
Sean Rose
Mike Ungurs
Simeone Paine

C Team
Andy Saker
Daniel Wilson
Andrew Edgar
Chris Harlen-Marks
Stuart Pearson
Bob Hockenhull

D Team
Steven Hill
Adrian Fowler
Gary Hawksford

10 Replies to “Men’s Road Relays Teams – Saturday 25th September”

  1. You might be on to something Chris, as I’m sure I remember stories of a cat being added to a villages drinking water. It could an urban myth, but somehow it rings a bell.

  2. It seems Bilston Bath water really does work, If only I knew what that secret ingredient was, I could make a fortune… before it’s outlawed.

    Meanwhile I’ll continue to experiment with Spar foot bath water[ used] , in lieiu of the secret ingredient, I’ll be using a mystery ingredient…. would anyone like to try it…. naturally supplies are limited.

  3. Well, there is no “class” as such, and there is not much class at all in Bilston! Just me in the deep end with an aqua belt doing mind-numbing sprint sessions for an hour and then hoping one of the lifeguards can scoop me out with a big net. I work in Ettingshall and so Bilston Baths is about 5 mins away and I do the graveyard session 7.30-8.30am most wed and fri!

  4. Is there aqua-jogging at Bilston? They used to do it at Wyndley and then it stopped and I really miss it. I thought it was fantastic.

  5. Us Northerners are made out of tough stuff … so a little bit of pool water won’t harm us.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys on Saturday and beating the BvH’s course record.

  6. What? Bilston baths water?… contains, water, chorine, essence of corn plaster, plus a secret ingredient ?

  7. Can’t wait – with an 800m European Champion handing the baton to an Aqua Jogging Champion, the A Team should have no problems in winning this one. In the pool at 7.30am tomorrow for a rep session – see the rest of the A Team there. Forget tough training reps at Cofton Park, if you want to rough it then Bilston baths is a good test of your mental strength and will prepare you for the Road Relays!!!