MCAA Road Relays, Sutton Park – 31 March 2012 – Men’s team list

Gareth has posted up the order of running of the men’s 12 stage on 31st March in Sutton Park.

“A Team”
Leg       Approx start time

1          12.00 (Long)      Paul Thompson
2          12.30 (Short)     Rob Andrew
3          12.45 (Short)     Rich Bayliss
4          13.00 (Long)      Orlando Corea
5          13.30 (Short)     Heath Mason
6          13.45 (Short)     Sam Chatwin
7          14.00 (Long)      Chris Collins
8          14.30 (Short)     Stuart Pearson
9          14.45 (Short)     Chris Tarren
10         15.00 (Long)      Gareth Cadd
11         15.30 (Short)     Danny Wilson
12         15.45 (Short)     Barry Gardner
“B Team”
Leg       Approx start time

1          12.00 (Long)      Chris Harlan-Marks
2          12.30 (Short)     Matt Slater
3          12.45 (Short)     Jack Roberts
4          13.00 (Long)      Paul Dugmore
5          13.30 (Short)     Mark Doudican
6          13.45 (Short)     Terry Doherty
7          14.00 (Long)      Mark Lynock
8          14.30 (Short)     Barrie Roberts
9          14.45 (Short)     Andrew Saker
10         15.00 (Long)
11         15.30 (Short)
12         15.45 (Short)

I would be appreciating any flexibility you can give, as you all know, injuries and illnesses are common with runners the teams may have to be jigged around a bit. Please note that is a BVH Grand Prix Event and points are measured by age grading (and bonus points as this is a team event) so regardless of which you are on, there is the potential to score some big points.

See you Saturday and good luck in advance.

9 Replies to “MCAA Road Relays, Sutton Park – 31 March 2012 – Men’s team list”

  1. At least your awake…i’ve invented extreme sleepwalking.

  2. Orlando – You were obviously very late for something very important! And I found a dog to play with apparently.

  3. I have sent off the race report, shouldnt be too long before its on website

  4. results are on Power of ten/ runbritain now. I am never looking at the photo, AGAIN!

  5. Another great day out at Sutton Park. Well done to Garath and Rachel for putting the teams together (I know how stressful it can be sometimes), and congratulations to the A team on a well fought 16th place

  6. I’m not running the long leg
    I can barely run a bath at the moment