Martin Foster – 1000 not out

One of our club runners has reached a landmark by participating in the Swansea 10k on Sunday 26th September and therefore recording his 1000th race!

Martin Foster marked this great achievement by recording a very good time of 45:24. Club chairman Steve James said: “This is a great achievement by Martin and on behalf of Bournville Harriers, I would like to congratulate him for his perseverance in running and racing over many years.”

5 Replies to “Martin Foster – 1000 not out”

  1. Lets put this into context, allowing for Christmas and bank holidays, Martin has raced almost every day for three years.

    To illustrate this in easier to understand way; Imagine the years were were represented by pies, all that would be left would be two empty foil trays, and one with just a tiny sliver of pie, that no doubt Martin will have polished off by the end of the year.

    Well done Martin Foster, centurian ten times over.

    Your name should go up on the BvH notice board of fame

  2. I have nothing to add to our Club Chairman`s generous comments other than to say that I find it quite remarkable that a fellow athlete has kept a detailed record of all his races and actually knew that it was his 1000 race!I have run in a number of races with Martin over the years (road ,Multiterrain and XC),at home and abroad,but I have no idea how many races that might be.
    Barrie Roberts