Liverpool Marathon – 14th October 2012

Linda Howell was second female in the Liverpool Half Marathon, completing the course in an amazing 3:02:59. Chris Harlan-Marks completed the course in 3:20:36.

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  1. Hi all,

    Thanks for the nice comments. It was definitely an unpleasant experience, but chuffed to bits with the time – first sub-4:00:00 marathon! 🙂

    Hate to be cheeky, but if anyone is feeling generous, please check out my Virgin Money Giving Page (link below) – this was the ONLY reason I subjected myself to a 26 mile race this year. Huge thanks as well to those who have already donated.


  2. Chris, taking half an hour off your best definately counts as an epic PB!
    Linda, I can’t believe that fantastic time isn’t even your PB!
    Ed, never had you down as a fan of strictly… I’m more of a Britain’s Got Talent man myself… but I’m definitely switching to hobnobs for my next race.

  3. Ed, I think your stance on smoking is accepted in 2012, smooth even. And it’s a yes from me.

  4. Well done Chris 3:20:36 is a very good time considering you did the whole race on half a Hob knob… And Linda, for making the UK top 100 while having a fag catergory, in a time of 3:02:59… of coarse I can’t condone smoking … but you where probably doing it for a sick kitten charity or something… So It’s another well done from me, and you’re both through to the dance-off.

  5. Stunning performances from you both. Linda’s time is almost top 100 for THE ENTIRE UNITED KINGDOM. Smokin’.

  6. Many Congratulations on successfully completing the Liverpool Marathon on 14th October,2012. Great times guys. You are a credit to Bournville Harriers,and the Midlands running fraternity, and should be well satisfied with the times achieved on the day.
    Once again,WELL DONE.
    Barrie Roberts