Lichfield Half Marathon – 1st May 2011

Linda Howell
Linda Howell - third lady

Kathryn Doudican reports: After achieving a PB in the Milton Keynes half at the beginning of March, I returned home in a slightly over-excited mood and decided to enter another half marathon that evening.

I would have liked to enter the Stratford half but, having a boozy weekend in Leeds planned for that date, Lichfield seemed a better option.

So May 1st arrived… The last few weeks of “training” hadn’t gone so well, incorporating a holiday and bad hay fever. I’d managed to maintain regular running but hadn’t run more than eight and half miles since before Milton Keynes. Nevertheless, I woke up in an optimistic mood and was pleased to see lots of fellow BVHers when I arrived at the event.

The course had been described as flat / undulating; in comparison to Milton Keynes it certainly seemed to be continually “undulating” to me (but I am new to half marathons). I was pleased not to be met with any big hills. It was a pleasant route: climbing up a little past Whittington Barracks, through country lanes, villages, over canal bridges and a railway crossing (no trains luckily!)

I’d planned to try to start slowly (9 minute miles), in the hope that I’d preserve some energy, settling into a slightly faster but sustainable pace as the run progressed. However, after the first few miles with the heat, hay fever and nature of the course I soon realised that the slower pace was more realistic for me. Still feeling fresh, I enjoyed the scenery of the first seven miles or so. Tiredness and the heat kicked in a little after this and I found myself counting down the miles, especially for the last three. Finishing in just over 1 hr 56, I was glad to see the finish line, my husband and some teal vested folk.

Overall the race was a pleasant route and seemed well organised and marshalled, with plenty of water stations in consideration of the hot weather. The start line seemed a little strange, backing up round a corner and up some steps.

Congratulations to Linda Howell who finished as the 3rd lady, as well as everyone from BVH who ran.

Bournville results:

OverallPos Name Cat Cat Pos Chip Time
8 SEBASTIAN HOBBS M20-24 1 01:22:18
18 STUART PEARSON M40-44 6 01:26:32
38 LINDA HOWELL F30-34 2 01:29:39
48 ADRIAN FOWLER M40-44 13 01:31:04
103 SIMEON PAINE M35-39 18 01:37:28
107 PAUL DUGMORE M50-54 5 01:37:22
187 TERRY DOHERTY M55-59 4 01:42:24
270 GARY HAWKESFORD M40-44 50 01:46:44
301 EWAN ROSS M35-39 53 01:48:26
495 KATHRYN DOUDICAN F35-39 22 01:56:08
808 HILARY ROBERTS F30-34 43 02:11:59

Full results.

Pictures of Bournville runners.

Report and Images from Lichfield Blog

3 Replies to “Lichfield Half Marathon – 1st May 2011”

  1. Congratulations are in order.Running long distance,and successfully completing an `undulating` 13.1 miles, on such a warm day is quite an achievement,and there were some quite respectable times too. Well done BvHers.
    Barrie Roberts

  2. Well Done everyone at Bournville on the Lichfield Half Marathon 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link to our images – they should now be searchable on FlickR so you can find all of your runners.