Lichfield 10K – September 9th 2012

Jude Glynn reports: It was a beautiful sunny September morning as I headed off to Lichfield, the sort of morning that makes you glad to be alive!

With the course described as hilly and the forecast unusually hot I wasn’t expecting a PB though- which turned out to be just as well 🙂

Lichfield 10k This was a popular extremely well organised event with a Family Fun Run happening at the same time and had attracted a broad spectrum of runners.I started off well but after only a couple of miles I was feeling the combined effect of the heat and the previous w/e’s half marathon and my legs just didn’t have it in them.

It all started to go downhill- or maybe the course started to go uphill! By the last mile I felt more like I was struggling to stay alive and it was more of a stagger than a sprint to the finish with the poor guy in front of me being violently sick – grim!

Alas my time was about two minutes slower than my PB and I clearly wasn’t projecting an image of glowing fitness when another runner asked if I was okay as a member of his club had passed out!

I cheered up a bit when I saw I’d made it (just!) into the first of three rows of results and there was a Hi Viz Technical T shirt emblazened with a child’s drawing (possibly the most garish addition to my wardrobe since we left the 80’s behind!), banana and bottle of water as reward for our efforts 🙂 Overall a good event , nice- if challenging course -and PB’s were had by some with higher fitness levels 🙂

The race was won by Steven Marriot (Tipton) in 32:47

Simon Goodwin was the first Bournville Harrier with 44:01, followed by Graeme Beavers 51:19, Jude Glynn, 51:40, and Robert Foster 61:38.

Full results

6 Replies to “Lichfield 10K – September 9th 2012”

  1. Thankyou for your Race Report Jude.It was also very warm in Solihull on Sunday last,and in common with Lichfield, for most runners it wasn`t going to be a PB day.Congratulations to the BvHers who successfully completed the Lichfield 10k.Good solid runs and preparation for the Autumnal challenges ahead.
    Barrie Roberts

  2. Well done Jude – I like the T-shirt, I was on a bike ride on Sunday and we stopped at Chasewater for refreshments on the way home. There was a (tanned) man there wearing one and I thought it looked really good. Will be safe as well. I don’t know what it was like running, but I do know that on the bike it felt very warm and the wind got up a bit too – so probably just not a pb day.

  3. Do you think? I wasn’t the only one sporting one of these distinctive little numbers on Monday either 😉

  4. I really think the high visibilty t shirt suits you and should be worn for every Monday night run until April 2013.