Breaking news from the back room team!!

Nearly 200 eager leaf scrunchers have already entered and entries on the day could push that to 250 – our best turnout ever!

That means for race to go ahead we need at least 20 marshalls to man the route and keep runners safe and on track.

Listed below are the confirmed kind offers so far – you may have advised Sue verbally, it’s vital we now get definite numbers in print.

Lets show the running fraternity that BVH can put on a great race!!!

Please add definite pledges of help as a comment – thanks!!!

P.S All you cake makers please bring on day – we have a reputation for good cake and lots of hungry runners and supporters coming!!

Confirmed so far:-

1. Mel James

2. Mark Cooper

3. Mike (Lesley Pymm)

4. Stuart Pearson

5. Gareth Cadd

6. Brian Pearson aka official BVH no 1 supporter

7. Linda Howell ( making cakes too!)

22 Replies to “Leafy 10k – YOUR CLUB STILL NEEDS YOU”

  1. Yes, many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this a success- great organisation, lovely marshals, lovely memento,great cakes and even good weather!

  2. hi, today was my first competitive run, and i wanted to thank you all for the great organisation and thank the marshalls for the support around the course.

    also… when will the full rankings from today be published? will i need to check this website or do the results go into the local papers?


  3. I just wanted to say a really BIG thank you to everyone that helped out marshalling/taking entries/ water stationing/ setting out/ fetching and carryingand serving tea and cafes.
    This was my last race as race director and YOU ALL made it a brilliant day and a credit to your Club

    thank you everyone

  4. off topic – michaela – i have lisa’s water bottle from the jw, i will bring it but might forget if things get busy so she needs to find me to get it back

  5. Hi, my sister will also be there and can Marshall if you need her.

  6. Wow, my whelmed is over – 23 so far

    We still need another 15 – sorry folks I do get things wrong sometimes 🙂

    So dont be shy keep em coming !!!

  7. Thank you for your help everyone. Can you come and find me at 9am at the Pavillion. So I can allocate everyone a place on the route

    Thank you


  8. Hi guys,
    I had emailed a while ago but hadn’t checked the website. Please put me down to marshall and bake (not at the same time though).
    Laura 🙂

  9. Hi there,

    I would love to help out on Sunday and bring some cakes.

    Kindest regards


  10. Yes I will marshall. Had told Sue some time ago. I think we should get up to the 20 at this rate. Please let us know what time to be there and who to report to.

  11. Yes add me and Paul to the list of marshals too (11 and 12) – and I am looking forward to doing some baking for the occasion as well.

  12. I will be able to marshall on Sunday. What time would you like me to be there?

  13. hi my husband said he will help out marshilling (alan)west,if someone just lets us know what time etc he has to be there,that will be great.

  14. 8. Chris Harlan Marks
    9. Caroline Harlan Marks
    10. Nicola Cumley

    Halfway there . Don’t be shy 🙂