Ladies National Road Relays – 16th Oct 2010

Rachel Ward reports: Firstly a big thank you to everyone that ran, not one of our ‘smoothest’ days, but thanks for bearing with me and being willing to change around at the last minute.

It’s a perfect example of what being a team is all about and I’m proud to be part of ours!

The event was won by Aldershot, Farnham and District AC in a time of 58.50, and the fastest leg of the day was by one of their runners in an amazing 13 minutes 55 seconds!!

All things considered I think we put on a great race, with the first team finishing 52nd in a total of 1 hour 12 and the second in 1 hour 28. Not bad when we were racing against some of the best in the country!

Our fastest leg of the day was from Linda in 16.45, with some fantastic performances from everyone else. Aine not only ran her relays debut but did so on the rather daunting first leg in a great time of 20.43, lets hope we didn’t put her off too much and she will be back in March.

Results are as follows:

Team A – total time 1:12:41. Overall position 52nd

Marianne 17:39 (position 75)

Becky 18.39 (position 66)

Sarah 18:38 (position 64)

Linda 16:45 (position 52)

Team B – total time 1:28:36. Overall position 68th

Aine 20:43 (position 83)

Lesley 25:16 (position 80)

Jo 22:32 (position 75)

‘Rachel’ 20:05 (position 68)

I am very excited about the next relays in March, we have some really strong ladies running at the minute as well as some new talent coming through. After a season of cross country and if we can get everyone out on the day we have a very strong possibility of finishing with even faster times. Hope you all have a successful winters training!!!

Full results.
Paul Foot’s pics.