Kingsbury Classic 10k – 7 May 2013

Lesley Pymm reports:  I was the only representative of BvH at this years Kingsbury Classic, which is unusual.  There are usually a few of us there.  It was a lovely evening and probably the warmest I have raced in for a long time.  For those who know the course, it is usually a bit muddy in places; sometimes very muddy.  This year it was bone dry.

There were 123 finishers and a massive turnout from Badgers.  It was amazing and no surprise that they won the women’s team event.  It is a two lap course and I was going fairly well on the first lap.  When I got to the river I discovered that the midges were out in force.  It is difficult to breathe without opening your mouth, but necessary along there as you risk swallowing the pesky little things.

Away from the river, it was better and breathing was less of a problem!  On the second lap I became very aware of one runner who was wearing an i-pod and the racket was dreadful.  It was made worse by the fact that she was encouraging a friend and was shouting really loudly at her!!  I just had to run harder to get away from her as I couldn’t stand it.  It was a case of either keeping far enough in front so that I didn’t hear, or letting her pass and creating a gap that way.  I chose the former.

Well, it paid off as my time was faster than it has been there for a very long time.  I was pleased with my time and it was a good run.  The event was won by Matthew Woodman from Stafford Harriers (who, I understand, went wrong and did a bit extra!) and Angela Mensing from Peel Road Runners.  Linda Howell still holds the course record there for the women!

Kingsbury Classic

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