Kenilworth Mayday 10k – 4 May 2015

Lesley Pymm reports:  On the recommendation of those who did this event last year, I went along this year.  I totally agree, a lovely course and very friendly event.  I seemed to be the only representative from BvH, although there was one marshal there who is a 1st claim member but who lives in Kenilworth.  This was a good, 3 lap event with a relay option and children’s races as well.

Because of all the knee problems I’ve had lately, I started at the back. Just before the start, a young woman near me asked what the relay runners should do.  I noticed that she had a small ‘C’ on her number, so I shouted ‘Wait here’ as I started to run!  I assume that someone will have told her what to do after we all went.  Because of this, I did not start my watch at the exact start.

The course was similar to Cofton, a bit more tarmac but you can avoid that if you want.  It was hilly, mainly grass and really good fun.  As I went through the end of the first lap I was called out by name on the tannoy – pretty good!  I was given quite a lot of encouragement all the way round from various people who I knew and others that I didn’t.  I was also passing some of the relay runners, so that was encouraging.

I tried to catch a friend from Sparkhill, and had just managed it at the end of the last hill.  That had taken everything out of me though, so she got away again on the downhill finish!  I should have hung on in there behind her until I got my wind back!

It was my sort of event.  There was a medal for those who go for that sort of thing.  More usefully there was a banana, chocolate bar and water.  I really did enjoy it and hope to go back again.  Thanks everyone who recommended it last year.  Hopefully we’ll have a team next time.  To be honest, I was quite pleased that there wasn’t a team this year as I would have felt obliged to try harder.

Kenilworth Runners

3 Replies to “Kenilworth Mayday 10k – 4 May 2015”

  1. Well Done Lesley , that is a tough course but Im afraid im with Jude marathon legs not up to those hills just yet.

  2. Thankyou for your Race Report Lesley. Over racing is not the wisest strategy if one wants to avoid injury and put in good/respectable performances..Sometimes it is sensible to enjoy the occasion,which you invariably do,and do a gentle training `training run.`ie. If you must!

    REST : Recovery Enables Successful Training

  3. Well done Lesley, tough course – I remember those hills well! (Alas my post marathon legs weren’t up to it this year)