Kenilworth Mayday 10k – 02 May 2016

Kenilworth-May-2016-05-webLesley Pymm reports:  Having arrived at Abbey Fields in Kenilworth, I went for a bit of a warm up and over to the loo – this was close to the children’s play area.  There was the vision of Laura Gale ‘warming up’ on the zip-wire!  Shame Mike wasn’t around with the camera.  Adam was looking a bit vague as he thought they were just going for a quiet run around Kenilworth and suddenly there he was with a number on.  This is a lovely event.  The course is quite hard and it is three laps, which is not great, but there are runners of all standards and there is also a relay alongside the main 10k event.

We started on time and off we went, up the first hill and then downhill around the church and we managed to find another hill very quickly.  A bit of a climb led to a flattish bit before we turned and went up again.  Then there was a good down hill alongside the lake before turning and going up again.  A little bit of mud and some tree roots and then we were turning and heading towards the worst hill of the lot.  Having survived that, it was downhill again and then another climb before we headed back downhill to the start finish area.

Kenilworth-May-2016-08-webI was overtaken by the first man just over half way through the second lap – he was really flying.  A few more men passed me and then I went through and on to the final lap.  As I went through the start/finish area the commentator gave the Leafy 10k a mention, which was good.

The final lap.  I was passed by a woman who was in a relay team and who said ‘well done’, then a bit later a young girl (also in a relay team) went charging past and also said ‘well done’.  She managed to pass the woman, who turned out to be her mother,  just before the finish!

Goody bags with medal, chocolate bar, water, banana and a few other bits and pieces.  Good, low key event.  Laura did well and was 4th woman. Adam said that he enjoyed the last lap!  I was pleased to have run faster than last year.  Can’t say fairer!

Mayday 10k

2 Replies to “Kenilworth Mayday 10k – 02 May 2016”

  1. Congratulations on successfully completing The Kenilworth May Day 10k. Alas,I was working. Running faster than last year is real progress Lesley. Finishing 4th woman is an achievement Laura —– And I`m so pleased that Adam enjoyed the last lap!

  2. Thanks for doing the race report Lesley! It was a friendly event with a great feel and brilliant marshals. Although 3 laps might not appeal to some people, it was just like cross country to Lesley and me. You knew what was coming – not always a good thing, but it meant that you were able to break the course down into sections after you had got to grips with lap 1. It was great hill training with lots of familiar faces from the midlands running scene. We did an idyllic warm down jog around the bases of Kenilworth Castle afterwards. Adam is now a little suspicious of any ‘day trips’ i suggest….