8 Replies to “JW Ultra 2012”

  1. thanks guys
    there is no support team by the way rachel 🙂

    although there are the sea cadets

  2. The JW Utra 2012 was clearly a great success.I wasn`t able to be there this year but enjoyed reading about it and looking at Paul Foot`s excellent photos.There were some very impressive individual and team performances.Congratulations to all those who helped organise the event,and all those runners who completed their allotted runs.
    Barrie Roberts

  3. Thanks to all those who organised and helped . It was a great day

  4. Thanks to all those and organised the event. It was a great day

  5. Fantastic day. Weather was great too. Thank you sharon, Lesley, Mark and all your surport team for another successful JW. We all love it.x

  6. 30 miles *collapses*. That is tough. Well done to all who took part and helped.

  7. It’s a joy to be part of such a fantastic event

    The whole day was just perfect from start to finish

    And Paul just got to say the photos are outstanding – I’ve relived it all through them 🙂