Jude Glynn reports on the Two Castles 10k Run – June 9th, 2013

Two Castles 10k Run, June 9th – 2013
You need to be quick off the mark to enter this one- it  sold out in 17 hours this year- a 10K race from Warwick Castle to Kenilworth  Castle.However, having grown up and gone to school in Kenilworth and Warwick  ,this was high on my list of ‘must do’ races  so I got my entry  in with a speed normally reserved for booking concert tickets and was  probably more delighted than I should have been that being 45 + I was in  the Super Master category-mask and cape at the ready?!
Fast forward to the actual race… dutifully parked before  7.30 (in the morning, on a Sunday!!) on the organisers’ instructions there was  plenty of time for the ladies of ‘Team Teal’ – Suz, Jenny, Katie and myself(  Kevin managed to be dropped off at a slightly more civilised time 😉 ) to enjoy  the grounds of Warwick Castle beforehand. Bags were labelled and stashed in vans  for transport to the finish and we could warm up- either in an organised or more  leisurely fashion- in the castle courtyard-very classy! (no mask and cape for me  but there were some people dressed as knights and princesses !) This is a ‘big’  race with over three thousand runners and thestart was down a fairly narrow path  with walls on either side and out through the Castle entrance. Standing there  for a while we had time to ‘appreciate’ that the day had yet to get too hot (aka  shiver!) and admire/wonder at some curious running flipflop footwear a fellow  runner was sporting,coupled with a Tshirt declaring ‘Run like a human’. Hmmm…  so what were the rest of us running like in our more conventional Asics I  wonder??
Then we were off running along streets and semi rural  roads with some enthusiastic support and some rather enthusiastic undulations!  There were two or three water stations although I’ve yet to fully master  drinking from a cup whist running! My dad was there at around 9K armed with his  camera.This was the first time he’s seen me race so that was rather special. I  tried to appear relaxed and happy as I gave him the thumbs up but I don’t think  I quite mastered that either ;). (Spotted the ‘flip flop’ wearer mid race  incidentally- going downhill seemed a bit tricky for him).
The downside of ending at a castle is that it means the  race ends uphill-nasty- and I felt any hope of a PB vanishing.Still there was a  nice medal and Tshirt to be had, another castle to amble around if you had any  energy left,and buses to transport you back to Warwick for those of us parked  there.
The race was won by Richard Harper in 33:11
First BVH was Kevin Oakes in 41:06 -a great time as he’s  recovering from injury
Then came Suz West in an impressive 45:40
followed by the graduates of the 2011 beginners  course!
Jude Glynn (me!) in 49:06  acpb
Jenny Jackson     in 49:26   pb 
Katie Hughes       in 57:01  pb

2 Replies to “Jude Glynn reports on the Two Castles 10k Run – June 9th, 2013”

  1. I enjoyed reading your Report on the Two Castles 10k Run.A good effort by all the BvHers.I`m pleased to hear that you didn`t run in flip-flops! I hope that your Dad managed to get some good photographs.
    Barrie Roberts

  2. A very regal race and some great pbs! A super effort from the teal on tour.