Jude Glynn reports on the Stourbridge Stumble – 10th August 2013

Despite this being held on a Saturday evening  a decent number BVH members had managed to juggle their hectic social  calendars to gather in Mary Stevens Park! As you might expect from a  race with ‘stumble’ in the name this event took the term ‘multi  terrain ‘seriously- sand, mud, grass, tarmac, stones-they were all there,with a  few gates and nettles to negotiate along the way. The course also included some  serious ‘undulations (a.k.a. hills) – the sort of race you probably love or  hate 🙂 . Linda Howell and Sarah Rock ,falling into the former category,  followed their triumphs earlier in the week at Clent to run  superbly, finishing 1st and 2nd  ladies. Their efforts were rewarded  with rather nice glass trophies-well done both! The rest of us were rewarded for  our efforts with a Tshirt bearing the motto ‘arso vertitus stumble’!! (ah,no,  it isn’t Latin…)
The race was won by Matt Bond in 32:59
John McKeon was first BVH home in  41:18, followed  by
Linda  Howell, 42:59
Andy  Hoole, 43:13
Daniel  Wilson, 43:17
Sarah  Rock, 44:42
Lisa  Cartwright, 50:12
Jude  Glynn, 52:56
Lesley  Pymm, 59:45
David  Jenkins, 60:11
Sarah  Wilson, 69:39   (the Wilson family were out in force with son Josh  Wilson finishing in 46:17)

3 Replies to “Jude Glynn reports on the Stourbridge Stumble – 10th August 2013”

  1. As you know, I’m in the ‘love this type of run’ category. Good to see that David Jenkins has joined us! I enjoyed the run and your report! Well done to Linda and Sarah – I was told by one of the marshals on the way round that you were winning, Jude was a bit miffed that when she told me as I crossed the finish line, I already knew!

  2. An interesting Report Jude —– However,I struggled with the Latin! Linda and Sarah are to be congratulated on finishing first and second —– And didn`t John do well to complete this very demanding course in a very respectable time of 41:18. Indeed there were some very sound times run by BvHers. Congratulations to all who successfully completed the Stourbridge Stumble.

  3. Well done Jude and all other bvh,couldnt make this one so great too read the report.