Jude Glynn reports on the ‘Potters Arf’ – Sunday June 8th

1965504_887326531281927_3230354136825302979_oWith more ups and downs than the average rollercoaster this proved to be one tough half marathon. Seven Bournville Harriers tackled the joys of Stoke on a warm Sunday morning.The course didn’t have much to offer by way of scenery but there was plenty of local support with ice pops, oranges, jelly babies and even jaffa cakes on offer! Heartbreak Hill at mile eleven was far from pleasant but we were rewarded well for our efforts. There was a plate, a technical tshirt, a medal and a flapjack! Time bonus medals were awarded for those finishing in under 2 hours (bronze), 1:45 (silver), and 1:30 (gold) -(gun times) -otherwise you received a rather nice square medal.Well organised but a really hard race!

Results   http://www.potters-arf.co.uk/2014results.pdf


Linda Howell             1:39:46

Jim Clarke               1:54:25

Jude Glynn              1:54:37

Collette Greenhouse  1:57:32

Monica Baptista        1:59:33

Emma Hopkins         2:02:06

Phil Williamson          2:15:07

One Reply to “Jude Glynn reports on the ‘Potters Arf’ – Sunday June 8th”

  1. Thankyou for your`Potters Arf` Report Jude Clearly a very tough `arf` marathon course which required strength,stamina and determination..Congratulations to all the BvHers who successfully completed the Race on a WARM Sunday Morning.