Introduction to X-Country training – Sat 19th & 26th Nov 2011

We are running 2 introductory training sessions for those who do not usually train at Cofton Park on Saturday mornings, or who are new to X country. It is open to all members including long time members of the club as well as newcomers….

Mick James writes: The idea behind this is to:

  • See the set up at Cofton
  • Experience the off road terrain and type of training sessions run at Cofton
  • Provide you a training session specific to your current ability without “throwing you in at the deep end”
  • Give you the chance to meet other members of the club

Various members of the coaching team will be present.

We will meet at 8.00am on Saturday morning. Please confirm ASAP to Mick that you intend to come along. If there is not sufficient interest by Friday 18th, it will be cancelled.

5 Replies to “Introduction to X-Country training – Sat 19th & 26th Nov 2011”

  1. Hi Guy. I started Cross Country training and racing this year and I run in spikes. The advice I have always been given by more experienced runners/coaches is that they are pretty essential for this type of running, especially in these wet, winter conditions. Most people warm up/down in regular trainers or off-road shoes (as do I), but then we do the main part of the training session and the races in Cross Country running spikes. They do have less support, but I tend not to notice because of the soft ground. Just make sure that they are definitely Cross Country (XC) spikes and not short-distance/track spikes, as XC spikes have a bit more support…. Best wishes, Paul

  2. I am looking to get into cross country and would like to attend these sessions, but as a road runner i have no idea on the most suitable footwear for this.

    Are spikes advisable (I’ve been looking at Saucony Kilkennys) or is it better to buy trail shoes that offer more support like the Mizuno Ascend?


  3. Hi all. If anyone can’t make these dates then you should feel free to come anytime 🙂 The group is very friendly and the sessions are great…. I started going not long after joining the beginners group last year and loved it. It took me a good while before I was able to do the whole session, but that was no problem and you can do as much as you can manage. It’ll get you fit and the park is really nice 🙂 Hopefully see more there soon

  4. A great idea! I cannot make the first session, but will be there for the second. You do know I am rubbish at the minute, don’t you?!