Training at the Cadbury Club


On behalf of the BvH Committee, the Cadbury Club (the social club next to the Cadbury’s chocolate factory) has invited Bournville Harriers to come and try out their brand new changing facilities at the refurbished sports pavilion on Bournville Lane.  

Club training on both Monday 31st January and Monday 7th February will therefore start from the Cadbury’s Sports Pavilion and NOT the Rowheath Pavilion.


The address is Cadbury Recreation Ground, Bournville Lane, Bournville, Birmingham. B30 3LU.

Please see the map below:

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Mike Scotney will be at the Rowheath Pavilion on Monday evening until 7.25pm to make sure those who do turn up to the Rowheath Pavilion are directed to the Cadbury’s Sports Pavilion

The running routes for these evenings will remain the same and announcements will at the usual time of 7.20pm, outside the changing rooms at pitch level.

You should aim to arrive a bit earlier so that you can familiarise yourself with the new surroundings.

Here is some useful information:

  1. There is plenty of parking situated behind the Cadbury Social Club, off Mary Vale Road.  For those coming from the Rowheath Pavilion, the entrance to the car park is along Mary Vale Road opposite the working Men’s club, on the left hand side, just before Franklyn Way and James Gittins will be there to help.
  2. There is also limited parking along Bournville Lane, outside the Sports Pavilion and the Cadbury Club.
  3. The entrance to the changing rooms are located at the pitch level (below street level) of the Sports Pavilion.
  4. There are lockers available in the changing rooms (£1 refundable).
  5. There are hot and clean showers available for after your run.

We have also been invited to come and experience the Cadbury Social Club, after training,  which is situated across the road from the Sports Pavilion.  A complimentary free drink will be available to all members who choose to visit the social club, after training (you don’t have to use the showers to come to the social club), where committee members will be there to discuss any views you might have.

The website for the Cadbury Club is  –

We hope you will join us for this experience….

32 Replies to “Training at the Cadbury Club”

  1. The main thing i’m worried about is the club staying together. There’s such a great team spirit there and it would be a real shame to lose that if people splintered off and formed another club just because of the facilities. The toilets are horrid and i really don’t understand why the pavillion won’t do anything about them as you would think they’d want to keep the club happy but that’s my only complaint with them. It would be a shame to alienate people with dogs and also a shame to not have that lovely big playing field right there for us….I’m just worried that cadburys are trying to entice us there and will cause trouble for us in the future eg running on the grass and they already won’t allow dogs….
    At the end of the day, I’ll go wherever the club goes as that’s more important to me than the facilities i get to use.

  2. I have spoke to the BSA I have been told that If we move away from the pavilion there will be a charge for us to put on events on the field. At I believe we don’t pay?

  3. Although the facilities at Cadbury Club are better but I am inclined to say Pavilion is my preferred chioce.
    I do not want to people with dogs left out as they as dogs are not permitted at Cadbury Club.
    The field over the road is a much bigger therefore better space for us to use.
    And as Caroline suggested, I would be prepare to don a pair of marigolds amd help give the pavilion a scrub.

  4. I completely agree that the changing and toilet facilities at the Pavillion are disgusting, and I was in attendance at one of the discussion groups when this issue was raised- people seemed to feel pretty strongly about it then, and I think it’s good that the BvH committee is trying to do something proactive about it.

    I can honestly say that I will be happy whether we ultimately stay where we are or decide to move, and I agree with others who have made the point that the club’s unity is really the most important thing. Retaining the great group of people we have is what will ensure that the club keeps growing, and we shouldn’t risk jeopardising that, if moving is going to cause some kind of rift.

    I’m actually sitting in the cafe at Rowheath right now, and it’s reminding me what a nice location we have. I would be willing to put on my rubber gloves and help sort out the changing rooms if others would be up for that. We could even try to raise some money to improve them (through a race, maybe?) If we went down that route we would have to have some sort of assurance from the Pavillion that they will actually maintain the facilities then (and turn the hot water on!!)

  5. Can anyone confirm if this is accurate please – If we are not members/users of Rowheath Pavilion we will not be allowed to use the park opposite for training?

    I think this may be quite important for some peoples decision as we use that park a lot in the summer and winter months and there was talk that even if we moved we could still go up and use it if the Cadbury playing field isn’t sufficient.


  6. Steve

    I would commend you for trying to make a positive change. I am no longer a regular runner at Bournville due to other committments but I am still a member and I know that I dread using any facilities at Rowheath. I think it is disgraceful that we are paying fees for that. I am therefore pro-cadburys but whatever is decided, I think we need to keep sight of the fact that someone is trying to move our club forward for the better, and we can’t stay in the past. I also agree the most important thing is that we remain as a club and this doesn’t pull people apart.

    I also think people are slightly missing the point that we can still use the Rowheath facilities for events, but actually, it would never be a first choice surely due to the sub-standard facilities, and I would say Cadburys would be a better venue for these things going forward too.

    I was tempted to say nothing, but I wanted to provide a bit of support for the pre-move camp.. anything must be better than Rowheath!!!!


  7. Before the inception of BvH and the split from Rowheath. Rowheath originally were based at the cadbury Club and ended up leaving and moving to Pavillion because of the way they were treated and were made to feel very unwelcome. Who’s to say that won’t happen again once the honeymoon is over?

  8. For me the most important thing is safety. The car park at the Cadburys Club has very poor lighting. Both nights I walked back to my car and the car park was in almost complete darkness and i did feel vulnerable. I won’t be keen to do that again.

    I don’t think two weeks is long enough to try something out. I think we should consider trying Cadbury’s Club for longer and perhaps try it in the summer to see what we think.

    Hot showers clean showers are always preferable over cold dirty ones but how many people actually stay for showers? Most people live locally and go home for showers and i suspect this would be the case even if we moved to Cadbury’s Club. We finish running between 8.45-9pm so most of us are keen to just get in our cars and get home. Related to this, how many people will stay for a drink at the Cadbury’s Club after running anyway? How many stayed when we tried it out, even when free drinks were on offer?

    I think we need to keep things in perspective. As long as we got each other…. we will always have a good running club and the trimmings are the icing on the cake and not the core of what makes a good running club.

    Having said all that…. The staff chocolate shop is really lush………….

  9. You need to call a meeting with the members, preferably before you next talk with Rowheath.
    Don’t take it all on your own shoulders, there’s probably the expertise you need within the club,
    I don’t mind chairing.

  10. Steve
    may replies appear to be being removed???
    Thank you for answering my queries but i still don’t see a need to move

  11. Mark,
    Thank you for your message on the above. Just so you’re are not confused, please see below as to why we have been considering alternative venues.

    The situation with regard to the Cadbury Club is this:

    1. We held member discussion groups last Summer, which unanimously condemned the facilities at Rowheath as being not good enough.
    2. The Club made the commitment to look at alternative options as a potential new home.
    3. We have held a number of meetings with Rowheath to discuss the situation and they accept the poor state of facilities but claim they do not have the funds.
    4. A proposal to look at ways to support the improvement of facilities at Rowheath, both financial and by volunteering ways to repair was put forward to the committee and rejected.
    5. We were invited by Cadbury Club to come and try out their facilities following their refurbishment which you did not attend and experience (This would also include the use of the playing fields in the Summer).
    6. These trials have now been completed and we are now in the process of getting feedback from members from the experience.
    7. We have follow-up meetings planned with the Rowheath Pavilion to discuss the situation again and with the Cadbury Club to provide them feedback from the trials to discuss any concerns which have been raised.
    8. Subject to the outcome of these meetings will determine the next step, which will ultimately be a formal EGM and members will vote.
    9. If (and I mean if) the Club voted in favour to move, that doesn’t mean we would not be allowed to use Rowheath for events, socials, BBQ’s etc. because, even as members, we still have to hire and pay for them separately, the same as the public do.

    We are very fortunate in that the majority of members are local and don’t need changing facilities. I am sure if Rowheath had the best changing rooms in the Birmingham, most would still not use them but that doesn’t mean we should accept the unacceptable state and condition we pay for every time we use the Pavilion. The other question that follows is why should we pay Rowheath or need facilities at all if members are not using them because we are all local or is it simply because members have given up as they are so bad? Maybe we should all just meet in a car park somewhere?

    At this moment there is a lot of unease and uncertainty about change and a move away from Rowheath. This is normal and clearly, If the facilities at Rowheath were improved there would little reason to think about a move but this issue has in fact been on-going since 2001. The difference is now we are now a Club with a membership of 200.

    BvH is a successful and growing club and we are attracting new members who are living outside the immediate area (and long may this continue), who might, just might, want to have a shower or a drink in a better environment.

    The committee of this club has a duty to ensure we are providing the best services to its members, for now and for the future. No decision has been taken on moving and we are currently receiving member views.

  12. I’m confused as to why we are considering leaving the Pavillion?
    We have a very very successful club built round the base that is the Pavillion.
    The club has grown from strength to strength over the past 10yr and I for one say NO to the move!


    Feel free to join my YES TO THE PAVILLION campaign

  13. I say it again, just how many more people would stay for a shower and a drink after training than we have now? And the events we put on. Would events be as easy to stage? Race hq, changing, start/finish,the bar for awards,all in the same building at Rowheath. Summer bbq just outside. Training is also so convenient with the park across the road in the summer. As a serial moaner about the changing facilities, i will still vote to stay put and just hope they can be improved at some point in the future.

  14. Well, using a retractable lead in leu of my lost tape measure I’d say it’s precisely deuce [give or take a biscuit] between the LOCs and FACs.

    So get stuck in folks, this one of those rare occasions where we have something worth talking about on this forum.

    New balls please.

  15. I welcome Kelley`s comments concerning the possible move of the Club`s location/HQ.Clearly,any decision has got to involve the whole membership and should not be rushed . A more formal feedback mechanism sounds like a good idea.
    It is good to have a thorough discussion/debate amongst ourselves,which may well end up being a question of LOCATION vs FACILITIES. Whatever the eventual outcome,I do hope that BvH remains together as one club and that there is not a break-away faction/group. One of the great strengths of Bournville Harriers is the mutual support and encouragement which takes XC at Cofton —– And long may it continue,wherever we end up.
    Barrie Roberts

  16. As part of the committee, I’ve deliberately kept quiet on this – although it won’t take a rocket scientist to work out where I would prefer to be when you consider my running partners! (And I’m not talking about Cici!)

    Please rest assured that there will be no decision made on this without involving ALL members.

    Can I suggest that if you are not in favour of a move, you also feed this back?

    I believe we will be putting in place a more formal feedback mechanism, so keep your eyes peeled…

  17. Only if you measure the support in terms of column inches, and a lot of that seems to be coming from the committee.

    It could be said that the membership is overwhelmingly neutral at the moment.

    There are some things that need addressing,

    Such as: The car park lights, can they be dealt with before we move in, it could affect costs.

    Also the lack of ladies toilets, easier to solve I would think

    Can we definitely train on the grass, at least on mondays and thursdays.

    Is a trial period possible, to keep both our options open.

    What is the proposed move date.

    What are we going to say to the pavilion… Sorry we have to leave, but your showers are not up to scratch, they’ll probably be relieved, though they’ll miss us drinking the bar dry every monday night

    Things I haven’t thought of yet, but someone else might.

    As I don’t own a dog, it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me where we end up, as long as it has been well researched and is the will of the majority.

    Even though Cadbury’s is a little bit further for me to walk, I’ll manage somehow.

  18. reading throuh the email thread there seems to be overwhelming and measured support in favour of a move to the cadbury venue…. I think we need to be kept in the loop as to what the plan is here and what progress we are making…..

  19. Have I missed a howler, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Can i ne vertheless suggest that there are some positives at Cadbury and I don’t just mean the choccies.

  20. There seems to be large holes in these arguments.

    A large juicy bone for the first to spot them.

  21. – The changing facilities at Cadbury Club are better
    – The social club facilities are much better and able to cope with more than a handful of people at a time
    – There may be one female toilet at Cadbury but it is clean and I’m sure there are ways around this if we were to use the facility – ie make one of the male toilets, female on club nights..
    – The lighting of the car park at Cadbury is not great at present, however, were we to move, it would be light evenings by then, giving us at least 6 months to address this issue.
    – Cadbury seem more willing to listen to us after a few weeks, than Rowheath after 10 years constant badgering
    – We currently have very few social evenings – it would be very easy at Cadbury to have (for example) an informal “first Thursday of the month pint club”. this would require practically no planning, no advanced warning to the bar staff – and the knoweldge that we would be welcome instead of a burden.
    – Re: no guarantee that they (Cadbury) will be in existence in 2-3 years… there is no guarantee that The Pavillion will be there in 2-3 years and in its current state I know which one I would bank on – it’s not like the Pavillion is awash with cash.
    – There is no reason why we could not continue to use Rowheath playing fields if we wanted to which is less than a mile away from Cadbury
    – for those using public transport, Cadbury is better located

  22. I feel really strongly about the Cadbury club being an improvement on our present facilities.

    We have tried for many years for the pavillion to improve and it simply never does. My experience from the committee over several years is however many emails/phone calls or meetings attended nothing ever changes or improves. I don’t believe that this will change and would love the club to have good facilities and still be in Bournville – hence the Cadbury Club

    Sorry to be so vocal but feel it is important!! Helen

  23. I do wish that the facilities at Rowheath Pavilion were better;especially for our ladies.Clearly,the LOCATION at Rowheath is ideal for a road running/cross-country club such as BvH.I fully support,in principle, the efforts being made to find an alternative Club HQ. In this regard,the Cadbury site is only one paticular location amongst a range of others in South Birmingham. The Cadbury Club,like many others of its kind,may be `struggling to keep the show on the road` and in recent years has and continues to change markedly eg.There is ,not necessary,a guarantee that `they` will still be in existence in 2 – 3 years time. Increasingly,they are having to rely on `commercial bookings` to pay their way. If the `powers that be ` at the Rowheath Pavilion want us to stay,then I can`t understand why having reasonably clean changing facilities and fitting a couple of electric showers (the kind which most of us have in our homes) should be such a difficult thing to do.The key facilities at the Rowheath Pavillion,such as they are,are more accessible and closer together. Barrie Roberts

  24. My needs are simple, people to run with, a bit of coaching, the opportunity to run for a club, a shower would be nice, but I only live round the corner, so I largely agree with Steve and Laura. Though of coarse there is massive room for improvement at the pavilion, perhaps we could have someone on the management committee (if there is one) and maybe even look into developing the running track.

    I don’t need cheap chocolate, I just want to be a better runner.

  25. Here’s my views if anyone’s interested!

    Advantages of Cadbury: hot, clean shower & clean toilet

    Disadvantages of Cadbury: only one toilet, no space to congregate, not all together (i.e. bar, parking, changing rooms), no dogs in the bar, not enough room on the grass for proper training.

    The main drawback of Rowheath is the lack of nice toilet/shower facilities, but at Cadbury there is only one toilet anyway so not really getting any advantage. Also, I wonder just how many more people would shower there given the opportunity? I think Rowheath location is perfect with the park opposite and everything together with plenty of space around. All it needs is a good clean!!!

    Thanks, Laura

  26. I think the Cadbury club is a great idea.

    I am so fed up with the state of the ladies changing rooms and showers. They are always dirty these days, toilet seats half off, often muddy, not cleaned properly. The showers a tiny stream of water and boiling hot. Over the years when i have previously sent emails (to the management of the pavillion) i have received little if no response.

    I think that much more women would shower (hopefully the men too!) and perhaps go for a drink at these facilities and it would be nice to have the choice to have a shower.

    I think it is sad as we have been at the Pavillion for a long time, but the Cadbury club is still Bournville and we have given them many chances, tried to help over the years with no response. It is a great chance for the club

    Helen F

  27. In answer to your questions:
    – At this time we are informed the changing rooms are not used by other groups on Monday and Thursday evenings.
    – The Social Club is available to all Cadbury club members. We would also be allowed to use at anytime, not just on training evenings.
    – There would be no change in membership fees due to the Cadbury Club.
    – We would be given use of the Cadbury playing field to train on which has no pot holes, dog mess or anti-social groups.
    – We would have access to the Cadbury shop.

  28. Better showers,cleaner/warmer changing. But how many more people will use these facilities? Apart from the club how many others will be using these things on club nights? Better bar to sit in after. But again how many more will use it?
    How much would the member fees go up for this? Rowheath is great in the summer with the field across the road, it was one of the main things that stood out when i first joined in 02. Would we miss all that? One thing i woudnt miss though is our present showers after a run at this time of year. If only….. but its been said over and over…

  29. Don’t forget we are at the Cadbury Club again this Monday 7th February.
    Please allow yourself time to park and arrive at the Cadbury Sports Pavilion in good time to start at 7.20pm.

    All members are invited to come and experience the Cadbury ‘Social’ Club after training (sorry, no free drinks this time)..