Greetings from Germany – Rennsteig Half Marathon

Susanne Koburger writes: Hey Bournville Harriers. In the meantime I’ve settled back into my live back home. And when I’m not busy finishing my thesis, I’m running of course!

Last weekend, I participated in the Rennsteig Half Marathon, my absolutely favourite race as it leads through the beautiful and challenging countryside of the Thuringian Forest. And although I was incredibly tired (the race starts at 7.30am), I could somehow manage to enjoy the stunning views.

I finished after 1:34:38 h and came in as the 2nd female student, the 4th women in my age class and the 11th of all women among 5909 starters! Presumably that had something to do with my brand new super performance laces! I still have sore muscles, but I guess the pride stays forever =)

I miss the runs and sessions with the club, and the chats with many of you. I hope everything’s alright in Birmingham!

Warm greetings to all of the Bournville Harriers!

5 Replies to “Greetings from Germany – Rennsteig Half Marathon”

  1. @ Kathryn: No, I didn’t. I just couldn’t put my feet back into my trainers. Too many blisters!

    @Barrie: Olympic Games?! I don’t know… I’ll pass on the wishes and ask if anyone feels like participating in 2012. If so, I really couldn’t decide which team to run with, the Bournville Harriers or Laufteam Erfurt!

    @Mel: I’m glad to announce that my thesis is done =) say hi to James!

    I miss the Monday & Thursday runs!!!

  2. i didn’t realise you had gone ;-(

    goodbye it was lovely to have you at the club

  3. Well done Suzanne – 2nd female student, fantastic. Knew you could do it. Your fellow BVHs are all very proud of you. Now get back to that thesis!!

  4. Congratulations Susanne on successfully completing the Rennsteig Half Marathon and being well placed .Next time you could finish in less than 1:30. We are not used to early morning starts in England! Please pass on our good wishes to your fellow runners in Germany.`We` could end upcompeting against oneanother in 2012;the Olympic Games!!
    Barrie Roberts