Greater Manchester Marathon, by Clare Mullin

The decision to enter a marathon, committing to months of training is not taken lightly and without good reason. So after a good Chester marathon last year Jude’s comment; “Why don’t you enter Manchester, it’s the week before London so you’ll be putting in the miles anyway ” seemed inarguable logic. Plus as a Mancunian the lure of home glory in the shadow of Old Trafford was too good to refuse. For months only myself, Simon Newman and Stacey Marston were signed up but a great Team Teal performance at Ashby 20 provided the final push and Sharon Newman, Mike, Collette and Helen Lawrence all joined us.

Conditions on the day were perfect; no rain (is this really Manchester?) and a steady 11c. Multiple cross backs allowed us to see other BvH’s on the course and cheer each other on, Stacy and I set off together and saw Simon 3 times and he and Sharon likewise saw each other on the course high fiving as they passed. Antony was there supporting his son and cheered Simon but too speedy for us he missed the rest of us. Definitely a city marathon, industrial and built up areas, scenic it wasn’t. The support was good at the start and as we passed through each area, it beat the last for local supporters out on the street; jelly babies, cheers, singing, a gospel choir and even a brass band. Along with humorous inventive banners: “Run first, wine later” “You are so fit” and “If your Garmin says 26.1 will you do an extra lap?”

It was great running with Stacy and we hit every mile on target at 9:30mm. Although at mile 18 I knew fatigue was setting in when I turner to Stacy saying “mile 18, so only another 10miles to go…” She lost me soon afterwards. At mile 23 Old Trafford was visible in the distance and the crowd willed you on, helping me to get a final push speeding up again for the last few miles. Over the finish line I was met by the faster BvH also sporting huge medals and sipping our complementary alcohol free larger, I was delighted with my PB (10min off Chester) and asked and it was PBs all round with some fantastic times. Collette and Mike had managed to stay together all the way around crossing the line at the same time. Collette, Mike Stacey and Sharon all achieving a fantastic result completing their first marathons. Facebook told me the rest of our Sunday run crew were going wild for our results via live tracking cheering each of us home wildly (from their homes).

This was a really well organised and supported race and a good flat course for good times. After the race we headed to the pub to watch Villa’s victory- I am pretty sure Simon spotted the pub while running, and it was smiles all round again for him and Sharon. We all enjoyed Manchester and my verdict is there is nothing to compare running with Team Teal.

Simon Newman 3:26:31

Michael Greenhouse 3:57:53

Collette Greenhouse  3:57:53

Helen Lawrence 4:09:14

Stacey Marston 4:09:36

Clare Mullin 4:20:04

Sharon Newman 4:40:05


3 Replies to “Greater Manchester Marathon, by Clare Mullin”

  1. Love the race report Clare, the weekend was brilliant..PB’s all round and to top it off Villa got through to the final 🙂

  2. Well Done Claire and the rest of team teal , another one to put on my list.

  3. Great report Clare, you’ve really captured the day. Loved running with you and the whole weekend was great; Team Teal trips are the best!