Falesia 5k Road Race

From ‘Roving Reporter’ Barrie Roberts: The Falesia 5k Road Race, which is well established in the Road Racing Calendar, took place on a mild (15 degrees C) and cloudy morning on Tuesday 15th March 2016.

Over a 100 runners were on the start line for this annual international gathering of runners (English Clubs were well represented, and there were also athletes from Abu Dhabi, Germany, Estonia and Latvia).

Martin Foster (118!) `flew the flag` for Bournville Harriers and completed the distance in a credible and respectful time of 24:54 – the quickest he`s run for a couple of years.This is quite a demanding race, which concludes with a long uphill section of road.

The first home was Tom Thurley, Caputha SV 1881 in a time of 15:15. The last to finish was Christine Ramsdale FV65 from Spectrum Striders in a time of 35:42. 103 runners completed the Race.

One Reply to “Falesia 5k Road Race”

  1. Well run Martin! Showing the youngsters how it’s done.
    Tut tut Barrie no mention of cakes sweets t-shirts or goody bags heaven forbid a race report that does what it says on the tin.
    This will never do for Bournville.