Double or Quits – 1 September 2012

Lesley Pymm reports: This was a new event to me, and I was pleased that I went. It was taking place in Shipley Country Park near Heanor and started at 5pm.

This meant there was plenty of time to relax during the morning and then take a leisurely drive over there in good time to explore first and then be in time for the run. It was a two lap course. Each lap was 4.99 miles and you could stop after one lap or go on and do two i.e double or quits!

It started on grass slightly uphill and through a gate, but then was downhill, still on grass before going onto a gravel track for a while. It then passed an old lodge and uphill on tarmac and went into woods where the path was a bit muddier.

There was a bit of looping round the edge of a pond, then a long uphill and back along a really runnable path to come back into the start/finish area where a marshal was shouting ‘Are you a quitter?’ Some were, of course, but I went on and did the second lap. I managed to catch up and overtake a couple of people who were ahead of me as they were tiring on the second lap. My splits were fairly even.

At the end there was a banana, T-shirt (technical) and cereal bar etc.

It was a good run and an enjoyable Saturday evening. For those who have run in Kingsbury Water Park, it was a bit like a hillier version of that with better views! I would do it again!

2 Replies to “Double or Quits – 1 September 2012”

  1. Yes, well done on not being a quitter:) (as if!!) Sounds like a great event!