Crissy Fields Parkrun (San Francisco)‏. By Claire Butler

So this was supposed to be an actual race report of an actual race, ‘The Bay Breezer’ 10k but due to circumstances beyond my control a.k.a. my brother never quite getting round to booking it (he is a busy man), but not wanting to let possibly my only opportunity of an international race report to pass me by…

The Crissy Fields Parkrun #4 comprised 11 runners including my brother and myself, a group sufficiently small that you know they really will delay the start until you’ve been for a quick wee. I was liking this already. We started at the Beach Front Cafe and ran along the costal dirt track for about a mile and a half before doing the ‘lollipop turn’ (is that a term used in the UK? I’ve never heard of it) around a building which is about where it got slightly confusing. I say confusing as in addition to our small disperse group were also another large organised run and countless other people out running or at least looking healthy in sportswear. Thankfully through making sure I kept an eye on purple top man ahead of me for most of the way I managed to make it back to the start where I was able to shout and wave ‘where now?’ and was kindly accompanied round to the ‘oh pants, it’s still not 5k’ remedial mini loop by my brother who it turns out had come first.

I was delighted by my time of 23:56 and first female (whoop! whoop!) as I’m sad to say I’ve not even been under 25 mins at Canon Hill for some weeks now. My secret to my (relative) success? Getting a taxi to the start-line instead of running the 4.4miles in ‘not quite enough’ time, and the psychedelic coloured cereal I had for breakfast. Seriously if I had access to these magical foodstuffs every day there would be no stopping me.

I really do hope that the Crissy Fields Parkrun goes from strength to strength. They were a lovely group of people and you couldn’t get a more beautiful setting. It’s good to see that there’s lots of people about there running anyway, but it made me realise how lucky we are in Brum to have events like Canon Hill so close to the city centre and residential areas so that the less ‘outdoorsy’ people get to see it and joinin the fun.

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6 Replies to “Crissy Fields Parkrun (San Francisco)‏. By Claire Butler”

  1. Brilliant race report Claire. I love parkrun and San Fran – so that is pretty much a dream combo right there! Well jell!

  2. Great report Claire; I must admit I’m a bit envious of your international parkrun tourism! The parkrun movement hasn’t quite gained the traction in the US as it has in other territories such as Australia and South Africa where it is positively booming; hopefully this latest addition will receive support and I think it will be pretty popular with tourists.
    Well done on your first female placing – certainly putting BvH on the map!

  3. Well done – I saw in the parkrun newsletter that Crissy parkrun had started and BvH has a front runner! Much more space there than at Cannon Hill where it is sooooo crowded. Come along and try Perry Hall one week, especially if it has been dry, and you may get a better time!

  4. Congratulations Claire on finding and successfully completing the Criissy Fields Park Run (San Francisco).You could well be the first BvHer to compete a race in San Francisco

  5. Well Done Claire thats brilliant parkrun tourism at its best. Sounds fun even if it wasnt the race you were going to do. Interesting breakfast 🙂