Coventry Half-Marathon

Marianne Hensman reports on a hot, hot race….

After many weeks of preparation – the Coventry Half was a hot race. Here are a few of the random thoughts that went through my head on the way round in order to take my mind off the heat:

  1. The ‘wet bandanna in the fridge overnight’ was a good idea…
  2. Until about 6 miles…
  3. Supersoakers and hose pipes on the route also good.
  4. That sunbathing lady’s bikini is a perfect shade of teal – must be the colour for the season
  5. I went to school in Coventry and was taught never to drop litter, and I’ve dropped 4 water bottles in the space of an hour…
  6. I’m glad I’m not running the Edinburgh marathon today like my brother is
  7. The words to the song ‘Don’t turn around’ by Aswad….
  8. It’s great to have both parents and in-laws cheering you on…
  9. What’s for lunch?

I finished in 1:36:03, a lot better than I anticipated at mile 3. Sara Roberts, a new club member also took part and did a great time of 1:43:22, on her first race for Bournville. I didn’t spot any other teal (apart from the bikini lady) but apologies if I missed any other club members.

That’s it now – no more half marathons for me.

Marianne Hensman