Corporate 5 Challenge Coventry – 11th Sept 2012

Barrie Roberts reports: This 5 Mile Road Race was organised, very well organised, by Massey Ferguson Runners Club.

Whilst the intention was to attract teams of participants from Coventry and its surrounding area (businesses, offices, colleges/universities, shops, banks etc) there was also an invitation to runners who might want to participate as individuals.

The gently undulating 5 mile course consisted of two clockwise laps of the Park and part of its immediate periphery. Most of the Race was run on tarmac paths but there was a pavement stretch external but adjacent to the War Memorial Park itself. Over a hundred men and women, of mixed ages and abilities, started the Race in what were near perfect conditions.Slightly on the cool side, negligible wind and the sun was shining.

I had a relatively brisk start and was passed the 1 Mile Mark in just over 7 minutes. I found the relatively cooler conditions to my liking and settled down to run the rest of the race at a fairly even, if somewhat slightly slower, pace.I was pleased to be able to complete the distance in under 40 minutes.

Peter Freedman and James Griggs (both of Coventry Godiva) were first to cross the Finishing Line in a time of 00:27:11. I was recorded as finishing in in my age category. There were 101 finishers. Sally Sleven (Massey Ferguson) brought up the tail in 01:10:26.

Massey Ferguson Runners Club were most welcoming. The Race Course was well marked and marshalled.All finishers received a medal, a bottle of water and a Union Flag. I was able to add a plaque to my trophy cabinet – a rare occurence!

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2 Replies to “Corporate 5 Challenge Coventry – 11th Sept 2012”

  1. well done Barrie sounds like a good race,well done winning the plaque too.

  2. Sounds like a good race- another impressive run Barrie and well done winning a plaque-how splendid 😉